Why You Should Be Happy to Pay More for Netflix

Every time Netflix increases its prices, millions of binge-watching users balk at the prospect of paying a couple of dollars more. But after you consider what Netflix is offering and where it could be headed, you should quit complaining. Why? Because Netflix is an absolute steal.

Every Netflix price hike sees users up in arms, accusing Netflix of hypocrisy, penny-pinching, and taking advantage of its nigh-monopolistic position. But perhaps you should be open-minded and consider why you should be happy to pay more for Netflix.

1. It’s Still a Bargain

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Netflix’s customers demand an ever-expanding library. As that library continues to increase in size, the cost to maintain and add to it understandably increases too. That cash has to come from somewhere.

Even at $15.49/month for the Standard plan, Netflix is a bargain. Ultimately, the constantly-growing all-you-can-watch buffet Netflix offers arguably surpasses its competitors in quality.

Over time, average consumption on Netflix is increasing. This means the cost-per-hour of consumption is going down. In other words, the more time you spend on Netflix, the less you’ve been paying per hour.

You’ve also got to consider how much time you save by paying for this subscription plan, as there are many streaming services with ad-supported tiers that cost less but take up more time in-between shows.

Meanwhile, the pay-by-the-title offerings from iTunes and Google Play would, show-for-show, cost you a small fortune. As would going to your local cinema, which tends to be well over $20 when all costs are factored in just for a two-hour movie.

2. Netflix Encourages Competition in the TV and Film Industry

Let’s not forget that Amazon Prime, Disney+, and many other streaming services only came into being because of Netflix’s success. If you find yourself asking if there are too many streaming services, you’re certainly not alone.

With Amazon and Disney packing mega budgets to spend on TV shows and movies, a lot of the competition is at risk of being drowned out.

Netflix’s original shows and movies continue to dominate headlines and usher usage spikes on release. By continuing to release movies and shows, Netflix forces its competitors to make solid content for their own streaming services.

The result is a lot of great TV and movies for you to watch, even if it’s starting to burn a hole in your wallet.

3. Quality Content Comes at a Price

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Aside from its relatively affordable price, Netflix has mastered the recipe for creating must-watch television series. These TV series are not only incredibly high quality, but sometimes you can even watch an entire series in one sitting, the day it’s released, on virtually any device.

Look at the buzz around shows like Squid Game and Stranger Things. Shows of this quality do not come cheap.

A high-quality standard of creative production is worth paying for. For less than the cost of a couple of movie tickets per month, you can have access to the entire Netflix library. For just a few cents per hour, you can watch many of the most exciting shows being produced today.

As Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of Friends told Indiewire:

“The truth is, it’s wonderful, because there’s only one thing we’re doing. We’re not pandering to advertisers: we’re not pandering to a network. All we’re doing is making the show we want and that we believe in.”

While many high-quality shows have come out of Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and other streaming services, many of them have been criticized for looking cheap.

Netflix shows may sometimes receive criticism for having too many filler episodes but never for looking cheaply made.

If you’re going to pay a subscription to just one streaming service, at least choose the service with the best reputation for producing stunning show after stunning show.

4. This Is a New Era of Creative Freedom

By far, the most exciting prospect of Netflix having more cash in its back pocket is the potential for a new era of TV. There are already tons of amazing Netflix TV shows, and this list is constantly growing.

Each segment of Netflix’s millions of viewers enjoys different content. There used to be a time when most of these niches were ignored on almost all networks, as the viewer numbers just aren’t high enough to justify production costs.

However, Netflix has the resources, algorithms, and know-how required to create creative forms of television that no one else can fund.

With its enviable track record, if we had to entrust one streaming service to undertake the task of reinvigorating creativity and experimentation in the TV industry, there would be no surer bet than Netflix.

More cash for Netflix opens the doors to more creative and technical freedom. After all, Netflix may be the only platform that can both fund and distribute its programs to the right audiences.

5. You May Not Like the Mainstream Franchises

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While there is so much more TV in general, there is certainly a lot more content for the favorite franchises. Stuff like Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lord of the Rings, and A Song of Ice and Fire are everywhere, with new shows releasing all the time.

But what if you don’t like any of these franchises?

That leaves you with Netflix, as you’d need to go to Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Max for the franchises mentioned earlier.

Netflix creates original shows and movies, which means working with fresher concepts and nothing pre-determined like so many of the other franchises have in their projects.

When you consider that most people pay for at least two or more streaming services, you’re likely still better off than them, even accounting for increases in the cost of Netflix.

Are You Happy to Keep Paying for Netflix?

By comparing the price of Netflix to its competitors, the quality of its productions, its ability to produce creative shows, and the cost-per-hour of streaming, you may be convinced that the price hikes in Netflix subscription costs don’t matter too much.

If you are not convinced and tired of the same few companies dominating the TV space, maybe you could try out some more niche streaming services.

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