Why Does Dynata Call You? How to Deal With Them

Did you recently receive a phone call from someone representing Dynata? The person may have asked you a few questions and explained how they wanted to hear your opinion as part of a survey. Is your mind still racing with speculation that they’re scammers? The truth is, they are not a scam but a legitimate company.

Why do they call you? What are the chances of such calls being scams? And is there a way to stop receiving these types of calls?

A Brief Overview of Dynata

Dynata is one of the world’s leading providers of first-party data. The business started as e-Rewards Services in 1999 and has since acquired many companies and gone through several mergers over the last two decades. After its final merger in 2018, the company became Dynata.

Dynata is a research company whose primary goal is to help brands and companies understand their customers’ behavior and reshape their business strategies based on the data collected. They conduct surveys to get opinions about products and services from the public and sell this information to their clients, so they can better understand the market.

Why Does Dynata Call You?

As a research company, Dynata calls you to invite you to participate in its research. The nature of the calls can vary greatly, from a specific survey about a product or a service to asking which candidate you will support in the next election. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that they won’t try to sell you anything.

Does Dynata Pay Its Survey Participants?

Upon checking their websites, we couldn’t find any mention of rewards for participants who complete the surveys. However, one Trustpilot review suggests that a person has received a gift card after completing the survey, but such reviews are hard to find. Thus, even if the survey claims to reward you for completing it, there is no guarantee that you will receive anything.

What Do People Say About Dynata?

Dynata Ratings on Trustpilot

Although the company has a remarkable mission statement and credible clients such as Amazon, Spotify, and Nestle, its Trustpilot rating is subpar. Reviewers have mostly complained about the following:

  • Despite opting out of the survey, the company continues to contact respondents.
  • It takes a lot of time to complete the surveys, sometimes even more than an hour.
  • After-hours or late-night calls from the company.
  • Consistently getting calls despite being on their no-contact list.

After going through Trustpilot reviews, it is evident that people are unhappy with the company, and there are very few positive reviews. So, is it worth your time to complete the surveys?

Should You Participate in Dynata Surveys?

Graphic of someone completing a survey on a tablet

Although you are not obligated to participate in Dynata survey calls, they provide you with an opportunity to make a difference. They ask you about products and services, so if you have experience with those, you can share what you like and dislike.

In the future, brands may use your opinion and hundreds of other customers’ opinions to reshape their brand strategy and improve their products accordingly. Therefore, your opinion indirectly helps you get better products and services. Thus, you should take part in their surveys.

However, you shouldn’t participate in the survey in the following cases:

  • You are being asked about a product or service you have never used.
  • You have no knowledge of the topic you’re being asked about.
  • You should not participate in a survey with a topic that you oppose.
  • If you are asked something personal and feel you have to divulge something private.

Can Calls From Dynata Be a Scam?


Dynata is a reputable company with a decades-long history, so its legitimacy is undeniable. However, being a reputable brand that reaches hundreds of people daily allows scammers to scam people under the brand’s name. It is, therefore, possible for scammers to contact you by claiming to be from Dynata.

How can you differentiate such calls? You can identify scam calls from scammers based on the questions they ask. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Dynata representatives will never ask you for personal information, such as your social security number, credit card details, or anything of that nature. Any time you are asked to provide extra personal or confidential information, be aware that this could be a scam.
  • While Dynata representatives won’t force you to answer a question if you don’t want to, scammers will try to extract information from you no matter what. Their words will sound forced and even beseeching.
  • Dynata representatives will not ask for remote access to your device. On the other hand, scammers may request remote access to your device to test a product live in front of you and later get your feedback. Avoid such scammers.
  • Dynata does not sell anything to you. Therefore, beware if someone calls you claiming to represent Dynata and offers you a service or product to buy.
  • Dynata doesn’t charge you for taking the survey. When you’re asked to pay a small fee to make your feedback count, you should be wise enough to know that it’s a scam.

What should you do if you receive such a scam call? You should report it to the company so that they can take legal action against the scammers. To further confirm whether the caller was a scam, find out who they are with reverse phone lookup services.

How Can You Stop Receiving Calls From Dynata?

Man Screaming While Attending a Phone Call

Dynata allows you to opt out of their research if you are constantly annoyed by their calls or don’t want to participate in their surveys. You have to let them know you don’t like to be contacted, and your number will be added to their no-contact list. Residents in North America should call 1-833-757-1746, while those outside North America should call 1-801-341-0764.

Dynata claims that once your contact information is placed there, you will no longer receive calls. However, according to customer reviews, the company does call people even after they opt out of the research. What if you still receive calls from Dynata after your phone number was put on their no-contact list?

If that is the case, you can contact them again and ask them to check whether your number has been added. Request them to do it again if they have not already done so. If you continue to receive calls, block the number on your Android or iOS device.

Take Part in the Research or Opt Out

Getting a call from Dynata for the first time rings the alarm bells that they’re trying to sell you something. By understanding how Dynata operates and why they call you, you can better decide whether to participate in their research. In addition, the tips mentioned will help you distinguish a scammer from an official Dyanata representative so you won’t be deceived.

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