Which Is the Best Premium eReader?

The ever-evolving Amazon Kindle range expanded yet again with the release of the Kindle Scribe. Taking the crown as the most expensive Kindle on the market, this eReader promises to revolutionize the Kindle experience.

But what makes the Kindle Scribe worth the premium price tag, and how does it differ from the previous top-of-the-range device, the Kindle Oasis? Here’s what you need to know to help you choose the right e-reader.

What Is So Unique About the Kindle Scribe?

The Amazon Kindle Scribe offers a function never seen in any Kindle: the ability to write on the display. Just as the name of the device promises, the Scribe is designed to offer you a natural pen-on-paper experience. Using the supplied pen, you can annotate documents, take notes, and even use the device as a journal.

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The Scribe is aimed mainly at students and learners who will be able to use its features on textbooks and educational materials on Kindle. But it will also appeal to any bookworm who wants to take notes about their favorite books as they read. The Scribe allows you to record your thoughts on sticky notes, which are stored and automatically organized by book, making it easy to browse through and review them.

The Scribe also provides a variety of templates for your writing, such as lined paper and checklists. You can import any document via the Kindle app or desktop web browser and export it via email. You can even annotate and sign PDF files.

Similarities Between the Kindle Scribe and Oasis

There are many similar features offered on both Kindle Scribe and Oasis. Both boast a flush-front design, long battery life, and built-in software features such as parental controls, Word Wise, Vocabulary Builder, and Goodreads integration. You also get access to the vast Kindle store and can take advantage of services such as Kindle Unlimited. And you can pair both devices with Bluetooth headphones to switch between reading books and listening to audiobooks.

Kindle Scribe vs. Oasis: Storage and Size

The added note-taking features on the Kindle Scribe will require a bit more storage capacity. So the Scribe offers up to 64 GB of storage, the highest ever on a Kindle e-reader. The full range offered is 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB. In comparison, the Kindle Oasis has two storage options: 8GB or 32 GB.

The external dimensions are different, too. The Kindle Scribe measures 7.7 inches wide and 9 inches high, while Kindle Oasis is 5.6 inches wide and 6.3 inches tall. At just 0.22-inch, Scribe is even slimmer than the thin Kindle Oasis, which has a depth of 0.33-inch.

As you would expect with its larger screen, the Scribe is a weightier device, at 15.3-oz (minus pen) compared with just 6.6-oz for the Oasis. Even though it’s more than twice as heavy as the Kindle Oasis, Scribe is still a light and portable device, roughly equal in weight to the smallest Apple iPad on the market.

Kindle Scribe vs. Oasis: Display

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With its 10.2-inch display, the Kindle Scribe is considerably larger than the Kindle Oasis’ 7-inch screen, and this extra real estate makes it much easier for both reading and writing. It’s handy for working with non-fiction books that include charts, graphs, and images, which have often suffered on the smaller Kindle display. So if you’re going to be using your Kindle for studying and using reference books, the Scribe is going to be better suited to your needs.

Scribe shares the same 300-PPI Paperwhite glare-free screen as the Oasis. With a built-in 35 LED light, you won’t lose any brightness due to the increased screen size—whereas the Oasis has 25 LEDs. Every other brilliant feature of the Oasis display is retained on the Scribe, so you’ll find the adjustable warm light and auto-adjusting light, along with the automatic page rotation, which is one of the many handy features offered on the Oasis.

Kindle Scribe vs. Oasis: Price

At the time of writing, the retail price of the Kindle Scribe starts at $339.99. Kindle Oasis is priced at $249.99 for the ad-supported model with the lowest capacity. Kindle Scribe ships with a Basic Pen included, but you can factor in an extra $30 for a Premium Pen if you’ll take advantage of its dedicated eraser and shortcut button. If you opt for Kindle Scribe, you’ll get four months of Kindle Unlimited for free, which is worth almost $40.

Other Differences Between Kindle Oasis and Scribe

Kindle Oasis Reading Corner
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As well as the apparent differences in size, weight, and pen capability, there are a few physical differences you may also want to consider before making your choice. The Kindle Oasis is waterproof (IPX8), while Scribe is not. Oasis has the option of physical page turn buttons—which you can use in place of touch screen page turns—while on Scribe, those buttons are absent, making it look more like the Kindle Paperwhite in appearance.

The color options are different too. The Kindle Oasis is only available in one color, Tungsten, while Kindle Scribe comes in either Graphite or Champagne Gold. And connectivity may be an issue because the built-in free cellular connectivity available on Oasis is not an option when purchasing Scribe, which is wi-fi only.

Which Premium Kindle Should You Buy?

Even with Kindle Unlimited included, Kindle Scribe is considerably more expensive than Kindle Oasis. So there are two factors you’ll need to consider before dropping the extra cash.

The main benefit of Kindle Scribe is the ability to write on the screen. If you’re using your Kindle purely for reading fiction and don’t take many notes as you go, it’s not worth the investment. Kindle Oasis allows you to make notes using the Highlight and Note function using a virtual keyboard, which may be enough to suit your needs.

Screenshot of Kindle Oasis showing the Highlights and Notes features

The second reason to purchase the Kindle Scribe is the larger screen. There’s never been an e-reader boasting a display of this size. So, if you read a lot of non-fiction, graphic novels, or reference materials, or if you have any eyesight issues that would make a larger screen easier to use, then Kindle Scribe is perfect.

Bookworms Have Never Had More Options Available

When you factor in the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Kindle Oasis, and Kindle Scribe, it’s clear that the e-reader market is going from strength to strength for Amazon.

Whether you opt for the Oasis or the Scribe, you’ll benefit from a top-class e-reader to enjoy the enormous Kindle library of over three million e-Books. And with many other e-readers on the market, you’re bound to find the perfect solution for your budget and needs.

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