What the Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror Event Offers Gamers

Overwatch is well known for the numerous events players can dive into to unlock exclusive and timed content. With Overwatch 2, this is much the same but with some key changes.

Overwatch 2’s first-ever timed event, the return of the classic Halloween Terror event from the original Overwatch, still enables players to unlock exclusive content, but the implementation of the event’s contents has changed.

But what is Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror Event, and what does it actually offer players? Let’s find out.

Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror Event Arrives

Like the original Overwatch, Blizzard announced that the October update for Overwatch 2 brings the return of the Halloween Terror event.

Lasting from the 25th of October until the 8th of November 2022, the event allows you to unlock exclusive Halloween-themed content for Overwatch 2 and adds a new co-op multiplayer PvE game mode for you to play.

Following the tone of previous Overwatch Halloween events, Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror co-op mission sees the return of Dr. Junkenstein, with players having to raid his castle again to receive in-game rewards.

But what can you unlock by playing through the event?

What You Can Unlock in Halloween Terror

Unlike previous versions of Halloween Terror, Overwatch 2’s event features no Hero skins to unlock freely by simply playing through the event.

Instead, Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror offers the following unlocks:

  • 13 Battle Pass XP boosts
  • 7 unlockable Voice Lines (Reinhardt, Ashe, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Sojourn, Sombra)
  • 2 unlockable Sprays
  • 1 Name Card
  • 1 Weapon Charm

While these unlockables cover most of the available cosmetics and customization options in Overwatch 2, the lack of Hero skins is a stark difference from previous events rewards in the original Overwatch.

Why Halloween Terror Has Changed for Overwatch 2

The changes seen between the original Overwatch’s Halloween events and Overwatch 2’s are caused by the game switching from a paid title to a free-to-play title relying on battle pass monetization.

Instead of all the premium cosmetic Hero skins being available through loot boxes, they are linked to an event-based in-game store or unlockable level of a paid battle pass.

Unfortunately, if you want to access the Halloween-based event skins available through Halloween Terror, you must spend money on the in-game Overwatch 2 Shop.

With the implementation of a battle pass in Overwatch 2, not only have the timed events been altered to fit Overwatch’s new progression system, but also the way you play in general can be altered by battle passes.

For Halloween Terror, having event-exclusive skins locked behind a paywall could hamper your incentive to play through the event.

Make the Most of Halloween Terror While It’s Available

Despite some of the more unfortunate changes to Overwatch events and monetization in general, the Halloween Terror event was released as an entirely free update that does offer a few new PvE game modes and cosmetic unlocks for you to enjoy.

With that said, it is also crucial that the paywall-locked event skins that were previously available through loot boxes or free unlocks are seen for what they are: predatory microtransactions.

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