What Is an Instagram Photo Dump?

Photo dump-style posts have been trending on Instagram and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. They can be found on Stories and regular posts by both influencers and everyday users alike. Just in case you haven’t caught onto Gen Z’s favorite post style yet, here is the Instagram photo dump explained.

What Is an Instagram Photo Dump?

An Instagram photo dump is a curated group of photos posted together in a carousel that describe an event or time period. A photo dump almost always hits the maximum amount of photos or is close.

For a regular post, Instagram allows you to add up to 10 photos. On Stories, you can add up to 6 photos in a collage using Layout, Instagram’s native collage tool. You can also make a collage of more photos using a third-party app.

The purpose of the photo dump is to show the user’s followers an event or time period in more detail than the traditional one or two photos can provide. A photo dump says more than just that the user went to an event; they communicate the mood and experience that the user had.

This level of detail allows the user to share more of the things they enjoy, which is one reason why the photo dump has risen to such popularity.

The Difference Between Photo Dumps and Instagram Carousels

There is a difference between posting a bunch of photos and curating a true photo dump. The word “dump” implies that the post is effortless and casual, and that is what the user posting it wants you to believe. But in reality, a dump is often carefully curated and put together.

Especially in photo dumps from influencers and celebrities, you will notice that the photos in the dump usually “match” in a way. They all have the same filter or colors, showcase one event or time period, and have a common theme.

Photo dumps also commonly use the term “photo dump” or “dump” in the caption, but not always. They may also include words like “memories” or “moments.” They are a way to showcase those photos you took on a trip that you normally wouldn’t post on their own, like food or a beautiful landscape.

Photo dumps allow users on Instagram to be more creative with their photos. Posting a typical posed photo with a friend may be nice, but it doesn’t communicate much about what you did with your friend, and it is not very fun to post either.

Taking lots of photos, editing them, and putting them together is a much more fun and creative way to use Instagram for many users which is why the photo dump is so popular.

Are Photo Dumps Just For Instagram?

While the photo dump reached fame on Instagram, they can be posted elsewhere too. TikTok has introduced a photo carousel post layout, and you can automatically share any Instagram post to Facebook if your accounts are linked.

The photo dump “trend” has lasted several months now, and it is just as popular. While the style and details of photo dumps may change, it is safe to say they are more than just a trend. They are a great way to share lots of photos from trips, vacations, or special occasions with your followers and friends.

Try Your Own Instagram Photo Dump

If you’ve never posted a photo dump, it is a great time to try one! The sooner you start, the faster you will become a master of your own creative and fun Instagram posts. Then, you will be able to go back and view them as memories of your favorite moments.

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