What Are Color Filters on Windows 11? Here’s How to Use Them

If you or someone you know have color blindness, here’s how to enable Windows 11’s color filter tool and make life a lot easier.

Microsoft does a good job when it comes to user accessibility. There are Windows tools such as Narrator, Magnifier, or Speech Recognition that make Windows one of the most inclusively designed systems. And we can now add color filters to the list of features that make Windows easier to use.

But what is this accessibility feature, and how can you use it?

What Are Windows Color Filters?

Windows 11’s color filters tool is an accessibility feature designed to adjust the color palette on your screen so you can easily distinguish between elements. It has several settings designed for specific kinds of color blindness, which means people with sight issues can clearly make out every part of Windows.

However, color filters aren’t exclusive to Windows 11, as they’ve been incorporated into Windows 10. So, if you’re thinking about downgrading from Windows 11 to Windows 10, you can still use this feature.

How to Enable Color Filter in Windows 11

Color filters should save you from installing any third-party apps to make your computer more accessible.

To turn on color filters, press Win key + I to launch Windows Settings. There, go to Accessibility > Color filters and turn on the toggle. When trying one of the options, Windows will instantly adjust the display colors, so you can try multiple options before finding the one that suits your preferences.

Windows 11 colour filters settings

If you want to use a keyboard shortcut to enable and disable the feature, turn on the Keyboard shortcut for color filter options. This way, you can press Windows key + Ctrl + C to control the feature.

How to Turn Off Color Filters

To turn off the color filter feature, you can go through the above instruction and turn off the toggle next to Color filters. However, pressing Win + Ctrl + C will be faster.

If keyboard shortcuts aren’t working on your Windows computer, you can still disable color filters without having to access the Windows Settings.

From your Taskbar, open Action Center. Then, select Accessibility and turn off Color Filters.

Turn off colour filters in Windows 11

Give Your Eyes a Rest With Color Filters

There are times when adjusting your screen brightness or turning on Windows Night Light isn’t enough for you to stop squinting at your screen. Fortunately, the color filters feature will make it easier to adjust the contrast of your display.

If you use color filters as a way to reduce eye strain, there are more methods that you could try.

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