What Apple Products Should You Gift Your Family This Christmas?

Christmas is a special holiday for several reasons. And one of those reasons is gift-giving. But finding the perfect gift for each loved one can be a relatively arduous task.

You want to get something that toes the fine line between what they need and what they’ll love. If your family is plugged into the Apple ecosystem, that’s a great start.

We’ve curated a list, matching some Apple products to each family member based on their needs and interests, to simplify the process of finding the right Christmas present.

The Music Lover: HomePod mini

For the loved one who enjoys filling their space with music and already exists within the Apple ecosystem, the HomePod mini could be a perfect Christmas present if they don’t already own one. And if they already own one, you can help them create a studio pair—for a more immersive listening experience.

The audio quality is one any music lover would appreciate—it is loud, rich, and crisp. It projects sound in a 360-angle pattern, filling the room evenly. Plus, you can pair it with another HomePod mini for even better sound distribution.

Apple’s HomePod mini also doubles as a smart assistant. With Siri ready to execute voice commands, your loved one can send texts, get directions, set reminders, control smart features in their home (provided it’s Apple’s HomeKit), and even use the HomePod mini as an intercom.

So, for $99, you can get your loved one a simple, stylish, and functional Christmas present that fills the room with their favorite thing—music.

Buy: HomePod Mini ($99)

The Audiophile: AirPods Max

AirPods Max on desk next to plant

Some people listen to music occasionally, whereas others do it even when they’re on the go. For that loved one who loves to carry music with them, consider getting them Apple’s AirPods Max to give them an enjoyable personal listening experience.

With this over-the-ear headphone, Apple designed a pretty high-quality audio gear. While it has a metal finish, unlike other headphones, which come in plastic, we’d argue that Apple did a good job adding the knit-mesh canopy that distributes the weight reasonably well.

The design looks and feels expensive. But it’s not merely fancy; its active noise cancellation and transparency mode features are some of the best you’ll find, and it delivers about 16 to 20 hours of battery life. And more importantly, the dynamic sound drivers ensure you hear the finest details with class-leading accuracy.

Buy: AirPods Max ($549)

The Student: iPad Air (2022)

iPad Air with Apple Pencil

The iPad is the one Apple product that strikes a smooth balance between computer and tablet. And the 2022 iPad Air, powered by the M1 chip, offers excellent value for money and is perfectly suited to students.

It’s great for studying, multitasking, and even working. So, when paired with an Apple Pencil, your loved one can easily take notes, add drawings to their notes, or scan and annotate documents. And, when coupled with the Magic Keyboard, the iPad Air can simulate a laptop, further expanding its range of use.

Regardless, it’s light enough to slip into a backpack and whip out at the earliest convenience. Plus, it’s powerful enough to meet most of the needs a student may have.

Buy: iPad Air ($599)

The Creative Professional: 14-Inch MacBook Pro

14-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip
Image Credit: Apple

For many creative professionals, a computer is essential to their workflow. So, thinking of surprising the creative one in the family in a big way this Christmas? Consider Apple’s MacBook selection.

While we think the MacBook Air is a great choice for freelance writers, creative professionals who need more oomph, like video editors, photographers, and programmers, would be better off with the 14-inch MacBook Pro. It takes speed and smoothness to the next level, guaranteed to amp up the productivity of your loved one.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro strikes the perfect balance between portability and performance. And if they already use an iPhone or iPad, the interaction between all the devices would be seamless. Not many other PCs can give them such satisfaction.

Buy: 14-inch MacBook Pro (From $1,999)

The Fitness Enthusiast: Apple Watch SE (2022 model)

Apple Watch SE

Image Credit: Apple

For the loved one who is health conscious and spends a considerable amount of time working out and tracking their movement and vitals, an Apple Watch sounds like the right Christmas present. In this category, you naturally have three options: the Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), the Apple Watch Series 8, and the Apple Watch Ultra.

However, the new Apple Watch SE is a winner in terms of core functionality and pricing. With a starting price of $249, you can purchase a smartwatch that packs core features at an affordable price. With the added S8 chip, the SE performs just as fast as the Series 8 and the Ultra models, with a much lower starting price of $399.

The Apple SE is a good choice if it’s your loved one’s first smartwatch. It’s also a decent upgrade from the other older Apple smartwatches like the Series 3, if that’s what they already own. But, if you could spend more to get more features, consider choosing between the Apple Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra.

Buy: Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) (From $249)

The Grandparents: iPhone SE (2022)


Getting tech gear for the older ones can be tricky. You want to get them a device that features some of the latest technology. But you also want something simple enough for them to navigate and actually use.

The iPhone SE 2022 model brings the performance of an iPhone 13 with its A15 Bionic chip to the familiar and simple design of the iPhone 8 without compromising on functionality.

The camera quality is also pretty neat, arguably better than other smartphones within that price range. So, your grandparents can capture their favorite moments in great quality.

The newer hardware also means the device is primed to receive software updates and support for years. There’s support for 5G, so your grandparents won’t feel left out on the latest cellular standards.

Buy: iPhone SE (2022) (From $429)

The Quiet One: AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

AirPods Pro second generation
Image Credit: Apple

If you’ve got a loved one who favors peace and quiet over anything else, consider getting them the second-generation AirPods Pro. It’s an excellent pair of wireless earbuds, without a doubt. But with the newer H2 chip, the AirPods Pro 2 performs better than the original canceling out surrounding noise up to two times better.

It’s a perfect study or work companion that helps your loved one tune out all the outside noise and escape into the quiet of their minds. Gift this to your loved one; while they’re at work, they can block out the slightly annoying hum of air conditioners or construction work nearby and focus on the work at hand.

The second-generation AirPods Pro is also a great travel companion. Whether worn on the train, on an airplane, or while cycling across the city, it’s great for numbing down otherwise loud and jarring noise.

Buy: AirPods Pro (2nd generation) ($249)

The Traveler: AirTag

AirTag attached to a object

The AirTag is a simple product designed to help you find personal items in case you lose them. This sounds like the perfect present for your loved one who often needs a little finding an item—think of that family member who travels a lot and could use some extra help finding their luggage at the airport or keeping an eye on it during the trip.

A single AirTag costs about $29, and a pack of 4 costs $99. The latter is better value for money and an ideal gift option. However, we want to point out that AirTags don’t come with key rings, bag tags, or secure holders, meaning you’ll have to purchase them separately.

Buy: AirTag (From $29)

The Kids: Apple Gift Card

Think of the Apple Gift Card as an open check—well, a semi-open check. You determine the card’s worth—from as low as $10 to how much you think is ideal. And with the Apple Gift Card, your loved ones can shop for their preferred Apple products, meaning it could be the perfect Christmas present for kids.

The gift card allows users to purchase whatever they like from the App Store, iTunes Store, and even the Apple Store. Or, one can use the balance towards an Apple Arcade, Apple TV, or Apple Music subscription.

So, the kids can spend the gift card on a paid game they’ve been waiting to play or buy a book they really like. And this also works as a perfect Christmas present for the picky family member. So, if you’re unsure what they’d like, you can give them the option of choosing their own Christmas present.

Buy: Apple Gift Card (From $10)

Spread Joy This Christmas By Gifting Apple Products

Christmas comes with an opportunity to plant smiles on the faces of family and friends. And the most common way of spreading joy during the holidays is by sharing gifts.

Because gifts are such an integral part of the holiday season, you may be thinking of all the ways you can surprise your loved ones.

Splurging on Apple products is one way to go about it, but there are several other options to explore when it comes to organizing Christmas presents.

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