The Top 6 Certifications for Software Engineers

As a software engineer, obtaining professional certifications proves your expertise within the discipline. However, while there may be a general notion that certifications are a bonus to supplement the other listings on your resume, many experts agree that they are becoming more important in hiring managers’ decisions.

The focus on skill acquisition and development correlates with consistent career growth, higher salaries, and expertise. Therefore, IT professionals who invest in these certifications will become sought-after as niche experts. This article lists several top certifications for software engineers that can advance their careers.

This associate-level certification is a great starting point for professionals with experience in Amazon Web Services technology or other cloud services/devices. It’ll prepare you to be able to apply an understanding of cloud-native applications to write code and debug code molecules on AWS.

You will also learn about AWS services and best architecture practices, while becoming proficient at deploying and debugging cloud-based applications and writing code for serverless applications. Finally, to earn this certification, you’ll need to pass the AWS-certified Developer Associate exam, which costs $150.

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This nine-month program requires you to invest 20-25 hours weekly to cover key aspects of front-end and back-end web development, data structures algorithms, and databases. You’ll have access to a one-on-one mentor, complete two capstone projects to build a unique portfolio, and land your dream job with one-on-one career coaching.

The program costs $16,500. However, you can deposit $700 and pay the rest over 36 months after landing a software engineering job. Although students are generally expected to have basic programming knowledge, the program contains foundational programming courses. These core programs can help you build your skills from scratch at no extra cost and help you become a software engineer in no time.

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This professional certification will evidence your proficiency in software engineering requirements through in-depth industry-relevant curriculum training. To earn this certification, you need to prove your competency in software requirements, software designs, software construction, and software testing by taking an examination.

The three-hour online examination consists of 160 questions and will be proctored remotely. You need a minimum of a college education qualification in computer science or its equivalent and two years of experience in the industry to be eligible to seek this certification.

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CISM is a relevant certification for experienced IS/IT professionals, including those in tech roles that don’t require coding or programming. It proves your expertise in information security governance, risk management, information security programs, and incident management.

With this certification, you can demonstrate the requisite knowledge to align your organization’s information security program with its goals and objectives. Depending on a few factors, the exam costs $575, or $760, and is accessible in person at a testing center or online with remote proctoring. ISACA will provide the necessary exam prep materials, including live expert instructions.

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This certification makes you an indispensable ServiceNow developer. Attendees will have the confidence and knowledge to take advantage of the Now program, as they’ll be experienced ServiceNow administrators with practical experience in development and administration on a ServiceNow instance.

During the training, attendees will learn how to create applications by creating and implementing forms, designing application tables, controlling access, and integrating workflows into applications. ServiceNow’s testing partner, Kryterion, conducts the 90-minute computer-based examination in a proctored environment. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, and you may not reference any hard copy or online materials during the examination.

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A Microsoft-certified solutions architect advises stakeholders, partners with developers to implement Azure solutions, and designs efficient, reliable Azure solutions based on company needs. These responsibilities require candidates who can design cloud and hybrid solutions running Microsoft Azure, network, computer, monitoring, storage, and security.

You’ll learn about the best cloud services before tackling the exam. Furthermore, the exam costs $165 and measures your skills in designing infrastructure and storage solutions. It also tests your proficiency in creating business continuity solutions and designing identity, governance, and monitoring solutions.

Obtain a Professional Certification in Software Engineering

Since certifications focus on specific niches, it is important to consider the job market and long-term prospects of the particular niche you’re interested in before acquiring certifications. Although software engineering is a broad field and unlikely to become obsolete considering the immediate need for IT professionals, some niches still prove more relevant than others.

Hence, you should conduct adequate research to be at the forefront of evergreen niches. The cost of certifications, the duration for completion, course support, and earning potential are other relevant factors you should also consider before choosing a certification.

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