The Fastest Electric Motorcycles for Sale Right Now

Electric motorcycles are great alternatives for motorbike enthusiasts that want to go green. But, some people think that electric motorcycles are slower than traditional bikes.

This is definitely not always the case, and some electric motorcycles offer amazing performance that will satisfy even the most hardcore bike enthusiast.

1. Lightning LS-218

The Lightning LS-218 is a monstrous electric motorcycle that makes 200hp and delivers 168 ft-lbs of torque. It has insane power and aggressive looks to match the fantastic speeds it is capable of.

If you want one of the fastest vehicles on the road, this bike is definitely for you. It actually has a faster top speed than the amazingly quick Tesla Model S Plaid. The Model S Plaid tops out at 200 mph, which is impressive but not quite fast enough to keep up with the Lightning LS-218. At 218 mph, the Lightning LS-218’s top speed is not just blindingly fast; it’s scary.

Going that fast in a car is enough to send shivers down your spine, but doing it on a bike is bonkers. Clearly, Lightning Motorcycles is proud of how fast their bike is; they even decided to put the top speed in the name.

The bike also comes with Brembo brakes, and the importance of good brakes on a motorcycle like this cannot be overstated enough. It won’t come cheap if you consider buying a Lightning LS-218—it starts at $38,888. This is insanely expensive, but you also get what you pay for in terms of ridiculous speed.

2. Damon HyperSport HS

The Damon Hypersport HS starts at $28,000. Besides the hefty price tag, the only drawback is that this electric motorcycle is sold out through 2023. If you reserve now, your estimated delivery date will extend into 2024. It seems that having one of the fastest electric bikes around is a bragging right many people are lining up for.

With a 200 mph top speed, the Damon HyperSport HS is not only wickedly fast, but it’s also faster than basically anything you’re bound to come across on the road—except the Lightning LS-218, of course. Realistically, you won’t notice the difference in top speed between these bikes, especially if you’re a safe driver on public roads.

Damon says their superbike will accelerate from 0-60 mph in approximately three seconds. This isn’t quite as fast as the Tesla Model S Plaid’s tech-fueled speed, but the Tesla probably doesn’t stand a chance against this bike.

Even if the Damon Hypersport isn’t quite as fast at the top end as the Lightning LS-218, it boasts more futuristic styling. Of course, styling is subjective, but the Damon looks meaner and more befitting of its price tag.

3. Lightning Strike Carbon

It’s almost a guarantee that this bike has the coolest name ever. The Lightning Strike is as fast as its name implies and is the perfect complement to its faster sibling. The Strike might be your perfect companion if you’re looking for an extremely fast bike but don’t need to travel at 218 mph during any parts of your daily commute.

This bike might not be as fast as its big brother, but it breezes through any requirements for making this list with an incredible top speed of 150 mph. These ultra-fast e-motorcycles are clearly targeted at people that truly love speed—the average Joe will most certainly feel intimidated by this bike’s earth-shattering performance.

The Lightning Strike Carbon makes 120 hp at an eye-popping 15,000 RPM. This is definitely not a bike for the uninitiated, especially when it starts at $19,998.

4. Arc Vector

The Arc Vector is a peculiar-looking electric motorcycle: it’s one of those vehicles that screams it’s electrified. However, this isn’t necessarily bad because the form factor is unique. Besides pushing the design envelope, the Arc Vector is also very prodigious at going fast.

According to Arc, the motorcycle is made in England.

Hand crafted in Britain uniquely for each owner the Arc Vector is the world’s most advanced fully electric motorcycle of its kind…

The Arc Vector has a top speed of around 124 mph, which is insanely quick, and will ensure you have no trouble keeping up with other vehicles on the highway. Its range is also impressive at around 270 miles.

This makes it an ideal companion for weekend road trips, especially because it can be fast-charged via a CCS DC charger. Another awesome feature is the adaptive regenerative braking, which will ensure you can recover as much energy as possible while driving the motorcycle.

The Arc Vector also features a single-speed transmission, which guarantees that power is available instantly anytime you want it. Arc had previously undergone a lot of financial troubles, so it will be interesting to see if they can finally turn the corner and start selling many of these amazing bikes.

You must consider the price when speaking of the Arc Vector—it’s basically the Bugatti Chiron of electric motorcycles. According to Electrek, the bike costs over $100k. At that price, this motorcycle’s performance begins to pale a bit compared to its much cheaper competitors.

The bike was unveiled as an ultra-premium electric motorcycle in late 2018, sporting a price tag of £90,000 (approximately US $120,000).

5. Zero SR/S

Zero makes amazing electric motorcycles, and they’re also blindingly fast. The SR/S model, particularly, can top out at a maximum speed of 124 mph.

This might be your ticket if you want power but aren’t necessarily into extreme-looking electric bikes like the Arc Vector. Some might call the styling on this bike boring, and it really isn’t exciting at all, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good-looking motorcycle.

The styling is reminiscent of a conventional motorbike, and even the gas tank area is eerily similar to a gasoline-powered motorcycle. But the similarities end there.

The SR/S achieves 110 horsepower from its electric power plant and can travel up to 187 miles of city driving on a single charge. It starts at $23,995, so get your wallet ready for a sizable hit. Although, if you compare its price to the Arc Vector, you might say this motorcycle is actually a huge steal.

Electric Motorcycle Performance Will Continue to Improve

Electric motorcycles are already great performers, even when compared to gasoline-powered bikes. But, as battery tech improves, expect these beasts to keep seeing significant improvements in range.

The highway range of electric motorcycles is one of the biggest areas where improvement is necessary, so it will definitely be interesting to keep an eye on the evolution of this particular area. Once electric motorcycles keep improving, there really won’t be a case for traditional motorcycles.

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