The 9 Apps You Need to Help Your Kids Fall Asleep and Make Bedtime Less Stressful

Sleep is incredibly important, yet the truth is that most kids just don’t want to go to sleep at night! A few reasons might be that they say that they’re not tired, are scared of the dark, or have separation anxiety.

Whatever the reason, bedtime routines can be a major struggle for parents, but is there a way to put the issue to bed? With the help of a few simple mobile apps, parents can make sure that kids relax, unwind, and get to sleep swiftly.

1. Moshi

Moshi is a fantastic app that the entire family can use to make bedtime better. The app can calm your kids through sound by using hours and hours of sleep stories, meditations, music, lullabies, and even breathwork. What makes the Moshi app work so well is the gentle rhythm of the narration, soothing background sounds, and beautiful kid-friendly graphics.

You can encourage kids to create their own custom playlists on the app of their favorite sleep content. Alternatively, they can even use the app during the day to learn important lessons about positive thinking, easing worries, and much more.

Download: Moshi for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Bedtime Stories

The Bedtime Stories app has something for everyone to enjoy. Older kids are sure to appreciate listening to the bedtime stories on the app, while younger children will love the lullabies. The stories range in length from 10 to 20 minutes.

Because the app’s stories and lullabies are audio only, there are no unnecessary animations or extras to distract your little ones as they try to fall asleep. The Bedtime Stories app even has a place where you can find demonstrations of a variety of basic yoga poses for kids to try.

Download: Bedtime Stories for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Children’s Sleep Meditations

Full of calming bedtime content, Children’s Sleep Meditations is the ideal app for your kids to use at night. Simply download a recording and your child can listen to it immediately or save it to a playlist for later.

Also, make sure to check if the meditation is suitable for their age group before they listen to it. The app even has a handy breathing feature that can help children calm down and de-stress. There are a couple of free sessions to use on the app, and you can unlock individual meditations of your choice for a small fee.

Download: Children’s Sleep Meditations for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. New Horizon

In addition to sleep tech gadgets, bedtime meditation and sleep stories are fantastic ways to calm down your child’s mind. This is why you should add the New Horizon app to their bedtime routine. The app includes three categories: guided meditations, stories, and sleep meditations.

Whether you’re looking for a bedtime story or a meditation session, the convenient categories make it easy to find what you need. One of the top features of the New Horizon app is the soothing voice narrator that is sure to lull kids to sleep. Plus, there are absolutely no ads that’ll pop up and disturb their sleep.

Download: New Horizon for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Little Stories

Create customized bedtime audiobooks alongside your child with the Little Stories app. It’s simple, type in your child’s name and gender, choose an exciting story, and start recording.

Kids can now be the heroes of their own adorable bedtime stories with titles like My Dad is a Giant, The Little Bear Cub, A Fun Walk, and more. Not only is this an awesome way to get kids excited for bedtime, but it can also help them improve their reading skills.

Download: Little Stories for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

6. Happy Kids Timer

Establishing a bedtime routine is essential if you want to teach your kid good sleep habits for the future. Bedtime chores just got a lot easier and more fun thanks to the Happy Kids Timer app! To begin using the app, choose between morning or evening activities, and the first task and timer will start.

The best bit about the app is that it’s easy enough for older kids to use themselves, so they can complete the tasks without supervision. Furthermore, you can use the Settings tab to reorder tasks, change the duration, or add any custom tasks. As kids finish their chores they can collect stars to receive a certificate.

Download: Happy Kids Timer for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Sleep For Kids

Sleep For Kids was created by psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Elaine Martin. The app includes several wonderful bedtime stories, all of which are narrated by Elaine, herself. Plus, new bedtime stories are added frequently. There are four categories of stories to choose from, including falling asleep, building confidence, reducing fear, and managing anxiety.

Once you’ve chosen a category, select a suitable age group and browse through the collection of stories. For instance, the Sleep Baby Sleep story is ideal for babies, while Reflection of Confidence is a story that older kids will appreciate.

Download: Sleep For Kids for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

8. Shleepy Stories

Shleepy Stories is the perfect app to help young kids calm down and get ready for bedtime. The app features enchanting illustrations of little animal characters, like a cute squirrel, an adorable owl, and more. To play, either you or your child can tap each house to help the creatures turn off their lights and go to sleep.

As each animal falls asleep, the jar fills up with dreams, leaving your child’s dream for last. This is an excellent way to encourage kids to go to sleep! In addition, the app gives you the option to choose between a summer or winter theme or unlock all the characters by subscribing.

Download: Shleepy Stories for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

9. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a completely free meditation app that’s great for sleeping and relaxing. Just about anyone can make use of this awesome app, from kids and teens to adults and educators. The app features a module specifically for helping kids ages nine and younger improve their sleep quality. The module is made up of four short meditation sessions where kids can imagine they’re beautiful butterflies or lying on a fluffy cloud.

Additionally, there is the option to choose between a male and female voice narrator. For older children and teenagers, there’s a sleep program that consists of five meditation sessions.

Download: Smiling Mind for iOS | Android (Free)

Download These Apps to Help Kids Wind Down and Fall Asleep

Why is it so tough for kids—especially younger children—to go to sleep, and how can you encourage them to wind down? There are plenty of apps to help adults drift off to sleep, but these kid-friendly sleep apps come to the rescue for young ones using sleep meditation, stories, lullabies, music, or sounds.

Of course, it’s not recommended to let kids play with distracting digital devices at bedtime. Fortunately, these innovative sleep apps can help your little ones doze off without winding them up.

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