The 7 Best Email Verification Tools

Contrary to popular belief, a growing email list doesn’t always yield positive results. Blindly sending mass email campaigns to catch-all and disposable email addresses will hurt your deliverability and conversion rates.

Email service providers might even flag you as spam if your messages keep bouncing. To eliminate unreliable email addresses from your mailing list quickly and efficiently, look at the following email verification tools.

DeBounce specializes in cleaning bulk mailing lists. Its real-time lookup API can verify up to 5 million unique email addresses per session. And if you have a stable internet connection, you’ll process an average of 1,000 contacts per minute.


Perhaps the main selling point of DeBounce is its fixed, affordable pricing model. You can verify 5,000 email addresses for just $10, while $1,500 already gets you a whopping 5 million verifications. Weed out spam, invalid, and non-operational mailboxes without overspending.

Despite DeBounce’s low rates, the program uses a relatively sophisticated API. It clears duplicate emails, removes unverifiable addresses from your billing, and automates email list validation. Also, DeBounce works on various platforms. Whether you want to filter users signing up on your site or scrub your old mailing list, you won’t have trouble utilizing its cloud-based, enterprise-grade API.

The Homepage and Email Verification of MailerCheck

Another excellent option for beginners is MailerCheck. It does real-time email verification and flags all disposable, temporary, spam, inactive, and catch-all email addresses on your mailing list. You could even stop new users from signing up with temporary email accounts. Anyone can generate a disposable email address within minutes, so chances are that many of your new subscribers might be using one.

Admittedly, several alternatives conduct more in-depth verification. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find another tool that guarantees a staggering 98% deliverability rate on verified mailing lists. Also, it follows a flexible, affordable pricing structure. Pay-as-you-go options start at $0.01 to $0.002, while monthly plans range from $20 to $960. Just make sure to claim your free 200 credits upon opening an account.

To further boost the overall efficacy of your email outreach, use MailerCheck’s Email Insights feature. It looks for ways to improve your copy. For instance, it could suggest fixing broken links, inserting missing file attachments, or replacing spam trigger words. It checks your email for spam trigger words, broken links, missing file attributes, and other issues.

Uploading a Mailing List on Clearout's Email Verification Page

Clearout features a robust, all-in-one email verification platform. It primarily focuses on scrubbing invalid email addresses from mailing lists, although it also generates leads and finds prospect contacts. Email verification ranges from $0.0011 to $0.007 per address.

As for functionality, Clearout’s API can verify up to 1 million email addresses per batch and averages 1,000 verifications per minute. You’ll notice that other tools verify longer lists. However, note that Clearout limits its batches so that it can sort through them more thoroughly.

The platform analyzes contacts based on several risk factors like deliverability, server arrangement, and account designations. All clean mailboxes are immediately verified; meanwhile, the remaining undergo further assessment. Invalid accounts typically return emails, have domain typos, block unsolicited messages, can’t connect to networks, or use temporary servers. You can view all status findings in Clearout’s in-depth reports.

Uploading a File for Email Validation on NeverBounce

Clients looking for a developer-friendly email verification tool should consider NeverBounce. It has a straightforward syncing tool and API. Once you connect the program to your preferred email service provider or mailing list platform, it will automatically validate your database daily. You’ll get regular updates on invalid, duplicate, and outdated mailboxes.

Verification ranges from $0.003 to $0.008 per email address. However, note that you’ll get 1,000 free verifications a month, so startups with small mailing lists can keep their costs to a minimum.

Email Verification Results and Data at Emailable

Email marketing professionals might find Emailable useful. The platform features a robust API capable of scanning up to 2.5 million email addresses per batch. Verification rates start at $0.006 per contact. However, you can bring your bill down to $0.00135 per unique verification if your database has more than 2 million leads.

Several email verification tools scrub bulk mailing lists. What sets Emailable apart from them is that it thoroughly analyzes each mailbox. It detects the gender and name of each account’s registered user, tracks the inbox placement of your emails, and monitors users that block your messages. Meanwhile, other platforms just categorize leads as invalid or valid.

Emailable’s API also integrates well with various email marketing platforms like ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and Mailchimp. You can schedule automated email verifications or clean your mailing list as needed.

The Email Verification Results and Data at Hunter

Hunter boasts a precise API backed by multi-level email verification procedures. It detects mailboxes that use temporary domains, forwards incoming messages through SMTP or MX servers, blocks unknown senders, and filters group messages. The platform ensures that most of your recipients, if not all, will read your emails.

Just note that Hunter doesn’t carry pay-as-you-go options. You’ll have to pay $49 to $399 monthly for their premium plans, although a free account already verifies 50 users. Also, its API supports single email verifications.

Considering these fees, Hunter suits small mailing lists best. Not only do verifications cost more (about $0.00665 to $0.049 each), but the platform caps at 60,000 email addresses a month. We suggest pre-qualifying your leads to avoid wasting credits on invalid contacts and uninterested prospects.

The Email Verification Results and Data at Kickbox

If you want to level up your campaigns but have minimal marketing experience, look at Kickbox. The platform boasts a full-suite platform with everything you need to jumpstart your email outreach strategy, from email verification to inbox placement testing. You can even integrate its API into any web page that collects contact information.

Also, it has affordable pay-as-you-go rates ranging from $0.010 to $0.004. You only need $5 to verify 500 unique email addresses, although your first 100 verifications upon signing up for an account are free.

Apart from email verification, explore the platform’s DMARC monitoring. Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is an email authentication protocol that helps prevent crooks from spoofing your domain for phishing attacks. Learning how to utilize DMARC will protect you and your customers.

There is no perfect mailing list. Even experienced marketers fall victim to disposable and catch-all email addresses, so don’t worry if you overlook some now and then. You can’t wholly eliminate them from every campaign. However, email verification tools will at least reduce your interaction with users who use invalid email addresses.

To further avoid toxic domains, generate leads yourself. Use organic and paid marketing to attract your target market—or better yet, zero in on your prospects. Although time-consuming, you can manually search for a prospect’s contact information.

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