The 5 Best NFT Wallets You Should Use

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have come to stay in the crypto and blockchain space, and it is critical to keep them safe if you have any. Like cryptocurrencies, they are kept in digital wallets, but which wallet should you use to keep your NFTs safe?

The following are five of the top NFT wallets available to NFT investors and traders.

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Metamask is one of the most popular Ethereum-based wallets and one of the best browser extension wallets. It was originally intended to interact with Ethereum decentralized applications (DApps) and tokens.

Because it is a browser wallet, it can easily connect to non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces and decentralized exchanges. This makes the wallet ideal for easy buying and selling of NFTs as the need arises.

You can create separate addresses solely to store your NFTs rather than share the address used for cryptocurrencies. You can also create a separate address for each NFT you hold on Metamask, as long as managing them will not be a problem for you.

Even though it is a browser extension, Metamask also has a mobile version that you can sync with the browser to have your DApps, tokens, and NFTs on both platforms. What’s more? The mobile app has a dedicated browser for NFT marketplaces.

Built by Consensys, Metamask also supports Binance Smart Chain, an alternative blockchain that charges lower fees for NFT and other transactions. You can easily switch between these blockchains and swap tokens to buy or sell NFTs.

Download: for Android | iOS | Chrome (Free)

2. Enjin

Enjin is a decentralized web3 wallet built on the Ethereum blockchain for both crypto and NFTs. It is used to interact with NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to manage your cryptocurrencies and NFTs seamlessly.

The wallet is most suitable for gamers and collectors within the NFT space and supports collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Moonbirds, Doodles, and Chain Runners / Chain Runners XR.

The intuitively designed user interface (UI) is tracker and ad-free and makes it easy to navigate through NFTs. With the in-built NFT marketplace, you can easily collect NFTs in-game and trade other crypto tokens using its native utility token, ENJ.

There are numerous supported local languages and currencies, which enable you to track token prices in your local currency in real time. You can also set your trading limits and trading fees.

You can use Enjin wallet NFTs in games such as Spirit Clash and Lost Relics, which is why gamers will find it appealing. In addition, with its reward system, you can earn NFTs as a gamer.

Being a non-custodial wallet, you have full control of your NFTs, DApps, and tokens.

Download: Enjin for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is another trusted NFT wallet that is free and open-source. The wallet supports both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, which means you can use it to interact with NFTs and DApps from the two blockchains.

It is regarded as the best NFT wallet for beginners because of its simplicity, making it possible for almost anyone to navigate it. In addition, trust Wallet supports over 50 blockchains, allowing you to trade cryptos on any number of these blockchains easily and on the go.

The decentralized wallet is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices and interacts with NFTs on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains.

In the NFT section, you can view your NFTs and see all the details of each one of them. The wallet can also interact with all the major NFT marketplaces, so you can buy and sell NFTs right within it.

Trust Wallet is also non-custodial, meaning you have control of your keys and the wallet’s content. In addition, the wallet is secured through regular audits and upgrades to stay ahead of bad actors seeking to compromise it. Interestingly, Trust Wallet also supports Bitcoin, something other wallets on this list don’t.

Download: Trust Wallet for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Alpha Wallet

Alpha Wallet is an NFT wallet built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is open source and non-custodial, meaning you control the wallet’s keys. It was designed to be a simple and easy way to store and interact with NFTs.

Like the ones mentioned earlier, it is a wallet built to easily integrate with web3 platforms, making it relevant for the nearest foreseeable crypto and blockchain future.

Alpha Wallet is available as an app on both Android and iOS devices. It easily connects with the top NFT marketplaces and blockchain games such as OpenSea, Dragonereum, ChainZ Arena, and CryptoKitties.

Unlike the first three NFT wallets on the list, it only supports NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which is one of its limitations. The fact that it’s only available on mobile may also be a challenge for some NFT traders. However, it has a simple UI that almost anyone can easily understand and navigate.

There is an NFT and gaming token section, and you can tag your tokens to make it easy to filter when browsing your NFT collections. With the built-in DApp browser, you can easily connect to NFT marketplaces and DeFi platforms.

Download: Alpha Wallet for Android |​​​​​​​ iOS (Free)

5. Math Wallet

Last on the list but certainly not the least, is Math Wallet. If you don’t like Metamask, you can use Math Wallet as a replacement because it has everything Metamask has to offer and more.

First, it supports 70 blockchains and has a web, desktop, and mobile version for both Android and iOS. Like Metamask, you can sync your wallet across the versions and access it wherever you prefer. It also integrates with many top hardware wallets, allowing you to safely store your crypto tokens offline.

You can also create multiple addresses to store your NFTs separately if you wish. In addition, Math Wallet is armed with a DApp browser that allows you to view NFT marketplaces. It also has a utility token, something Metamask is yet to attain.

Download: Math Wallet for Android |​​​​​​​ iOS |​​​​​​​ Chrome (Free)

Keep Your NFTs Safe

All the wallets in this list are open-source and secure wallets you can use to store your NFTs securely. They have slightly different characteristics, though, so you may wish to check and pick one that works for you.

You can use most of these NFT wallets even as a complete newbie, so you can enter the NFT space and start trading any time you wish.

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