The 5 Best Countries to Connect to Using a VPN

Choosing a VPN is hard enough. But given the erosion of data protection laws and crippling internet freedom in some countries, it can be harder to determine the server locations that you can safely connect to using a VPN.

A VPN server location is critical because it can influence your internet speed, browsing experience, and the level of protection you actually receive.

We spent several days analyzing different countries and highlighting the best server locations for your VPN connection. During our research, we evaluated different countries based on their data privacy laws, digital infrastructure, and content restrictions. With these factors in mind, here are the best countries to connect to using a VPN.

Which Country Is the Best for Your VPN Connection?

The best countries for VPN connection have strong data protection laws, excellent infrastructure, and aren’t interested in limiting users’ access to content. They don’t monitor your internet activities and aren’t parties to any intelligence sharing alliances.

Based on these criteria, let’s take a look at five best countries for a VPN connection.

1. Switzerland

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  • Data Protection Laws: Article 13 of the Swiss Constitution, Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA).
  • Internet Freedom Score: 96/100 (Freedom House Index).
  • 14-Eyes Jurisdiction: No.
  • VPNs based in Switzerland: ProtonVPN, Perfect Privacy VPN, VyprVPN.

Switzerland has often been hailed as the bastion of data security. The country has strong privacy laws that are better than any other country in the world. These laws require companies to ask permission from users before they can store or process personal data. Any data collected without users’ consent is illegal and can result in huge fines.

Since Switzerland isn’t a member of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), it isn’t bound to comply with EU laws like the Data Retention Directive. Additionally, the country isn’t part of the five-, nine-, or 14-Eyes alliances, so it doesn’t have to share users’ data with intelligence organizations.

Switzerland is also one of the few countries that protects torrenting by law. You can download and consume any content as long as you do not make profit from it. This makes Swiss server locations the safest for torrenting.

Besides privacy, the country also has advanced internet infrastructure that guarantees excellent speeds for both mobile and fixed broadband. For these reasons, Switzerland is the best country to connect to with a VPN.

2. Panama

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  • Data Protection Laws: Executive Order 285|2021, Law No. 81|2019.
  • Internet Freedom Score: 83/100 (Freedom House Index).
  • 14-Eyes Jurisdiction: No.
  • VPNs based in Panama: NordVPN.

Panama has several laws that protect users’ right to privacy online. Law No. 81, supplemented by the Executive Order 281 (together with the Data Protection Law), regulate personal data protection and bar companies from collecting data without consent.

There are also no data retention laws in Panama, which makes it a great place for zero-logs VPNs. Since VPN providers don’t have to store logs, you can securely connect to a server in Panama without worrying about your data getting into the wrong hands.

However, if you are looking for a torrenting-friendly country, we recommend you look elsewhere. Sharing copyright content is illegal in Panama and can result in fines and legal action.

3. British Virgin Islands

  • Data Protection Laws: Data Protection Act 2021, Common English Law.
  • Internet Freedom Score: N/A.
  • 14-Eyes Jurisdiction: No.
  • VPNs based in the British Virgin Islands: ExpressVPN.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a good place to connect to for privacy-focused users. Despite being a British Overseas Territory, BVI has its own legislation and code of laws. The Data Protection Act, enacted in 2021, requires companies to ask permission from users whenever they process their data.

Since BVI doesn’t have a foreign intelligence agency, it isn’t part of any global data sharing alliance as the UK. The country also lacks data retention laws, which means that VPN services in the country aren’t required to store logs.

4. Iceland

privacy policy gdpr

  • Data Protection Laws: Data Protection Authority, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Equal Access Act.
  • Internet Freedom Score: 96/100 (Freedom House Index).
  • 14-Eyes Jurisdiction: No.
  • VPNs based in the British Virgin Islands: N/A.

Iceland is a European country where users enjoy near-universal connectivity and strong data protection with minimal restrictions. Censorship is prohibited by law as the Equal Access Act ensures unrestricted internet access to all citizens.

Personal data is protected by the Data Protection Authority’s rule no. 811, enacted in 2019. Since the country is part of the EAA, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply there to protect privacy online.

Although Iceland has strict data privacy laws, the country still requires VPN providers to keep logs for up to six months. However, you don’t have to worry as the law is only used in matters of public safety.

5. Romania

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  • Data Protection Laws: General Data Protection Regulation, National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.
  • Internet Freedom Score: 83/100 (Freedom House Index).
  • 14-Eyes Jurisdiction: No.
  • VPNs based in the British Virgin Islands: CyberGhost VPN.

Romania is another good location that users can connect to using a VPN. Although it’s part of the European Union, the country’s Constitutional Court revoked the EU’s Data Retention Directive in 2006 due to privacy concerns. A similar legislation was introduced in 2012, but it was similarly nullified by the court in 2014.

Romania’s National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing protects users’ right to privacy and data protection. Additionally, it’s also covered by the robust GDPR regulations.

Romania also offers some degree of protection to users who are interested in P2P and torrenting. Copyright infringements are widespread as the country’s law enforcement considers it a victimless crime.

Choosing the Best VPN Server Location

VPN services are meant to bypass geo-restrictions and protect digital privacy. But your VPN protection will significantly mitigate if you connect to the wrong server location.

All the listed countries have strong data protection laws and advanced internet infrastructure. They provide unrestricted access to internet and prohibit censorship by law. Connecting to a server in these countries will ensure that your data is safe and out of the reach of malicious third parties.

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