The 5 Best Alexa Christmas Countdowns to the Big Day

As December nears, the eager wait for Christmas Day begins in our homes, especially among kids who love counting the days leading to their favorite festival.

There are many ways you can plan for the big day ahead and prepare for things. You could keep your kids engaged with an Advent calendar or use a creative countdown calendar handy.

Alexa on your Amazon Echo also has several Christmas Countdowns that make the days leading to Christmas fun and engaging. Let us explore some fo the best.

Make the Countdown Fun and Special

You may agree that looking forward to Christmas is one of the delightful joys of the holiday season. Besides being a time-honored tradition, the Christmas countdown builds up the excitement of the great times, feasts, and celebrations with family and friends.

Plus there is so much to do—online shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating your home, buying a live tree, ordering the turkey or ham, and more. So why not let Alexa make the countdown fun and special as you go on with your preparations?

You can get updated on the days and sleeps left in a variety of ways. Check with Saint Nick what he is up to, enjoy melodious music and Christmas trivia, and even have some good laughs as you count down the days.

To add to the fun you could even turn Alexa into Santa Claus on your Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Kids Edition devices.

So let’s explore some great Christmas Countdowns that you can activate by asking Alexa on your Amazon Echo device or enable them from the Alexa app on your iOS and Android devices.

Just say “Alexa, ask Christmas Countdown how many weeks till Christmas.”

This Christmas Countdown will keep your kids in the festive spirit by updating them about Santa’s arrival all the year through. Alexa will tell you how many sleeps, days, or weeks until Christmas and then pass you to Santa for an update from the North Pole.

Yes, in December, you and your family will get special messages from Santa. He will spread the holiday cheer with his signature “Ho, Ho, Ho,” and follow it up by a daily update of how he and everyone at the North Pole are preparing for the big day.

Experience the spirit of Christmas take over as Santa tells your little ones of his plans. From making mince pies with Mrs. Claus to the antics of Elves, Saint Nick will give sweet messages about exciting happenings.

Thousands of Alexa owners are thankful for this fun countdown which keeps their kids delighted and entertained. It might turn out to be the first thing your kids do when they get up in the morning.

Brett Eldredge's Christmas Countdown Alexa Skill

Just say “Alexa, open Brett Eldredge’s Christmas Countdown.”

You’ll love this way to welcome Christmas if you’re a country music buff. The platinum-selling recording artist Brett Eldredge will keep you joyful, thankful, and engaged in this special countdown.

Just open the skill and get to ask Brett about his popular Christmas album Glow Deluxe, what inspired him to create it, the Glow production process, and more. Get to know his favorite Christmas songs and the story behind individual tracks.

One of the best features is the Gratitude Journal which lets fans like you get a glimpse of Brett’s daily life and what he is thankful for. Each day from December 15 to January 1 Brett will read subscribers an entry from his journal.

Moreover, you can enjoy songs from the award-winning country singer’s album, Glow Deluxe, and experience the music that sets the festive mood. It’s great to hear Brett sing, “You look good in the light of my Christmas Tree” in the title track. Just say “Alexa, ask Brett Eldredge’s Christmas Countdown to play me a Christmas song.”

Additionally, you can ask Brett Eldredge’s Christmas Countdown where he is playing next, what it was like working with Meghan Trainor, and the story behind your favorite song from Glow Deluxe.

Santa Tracker Alexa Skill

Just say “Alexa, launch Santa Tracker.”

Alexa will welcome you with the sounds of Jingle Bells, share the holiday excitement, update you on Santa, and let you know how many sleeps are left till Christmas Eve.

As a fun pastime, Alexa will also suggest Christmas activities or Christmas jokes throughout the holiday season. You can enjoy cracking up on Alexa’s humor and then ask for more.

And you can look forward to memorable times as you and your loved ones indulge in simple and thoughtful activities.

On Christmas Eve, you can launch the Santa Tracker throughout the day. Alexa will tell you exactly where Santa is on his journey around the globe and when he will arrive to deliver gifts to your home.

Christmas Fun Alexa Skill

Just say “Alexa open Christmas Fun.”

Alexa makes the wait to Christmas entertaining for your young ones. You’ll first be notified of the days left till Christmas. Then your kids can get to hear a fun Christmas fact, a hilarious joke, or a story—from December 1 to Christmas Eve.

Watch your young ones enjoy the fun as Alexa shares a fact like how much water an average Christmas Tree consumes, or has them grinning with the random jokes.

Santa Countdown Alexa Skill

Just say “Alexa, ask when will Santa be here?”

Every second counts when you are eagerly awaiting Father Christmas to drop in and deliver toys and goodies to girls and boys.

Santa Countdown is the one for you if you want to know exactly when Santa will be paying a visit. Alexa has a direct line to the North Pole and will update you on Santa’s arrival in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

You can also multiply the fun of the countdown through these free online Advent calendars for adults and children.

Enjoy Counting the Days to the Big Day With Alexa

With Christmas spirit in the air, it’s time to be thankful, make merry, and prepare for the most awaited day of the year.

Add fun and joy to the magic of the holiday season with your Amazon Echo and Alexa’s pleasantly surprising countdowns. Witness your little ones enjoy the Christmas cheer each day as they await Santa’s arrival.

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