The 4 Best Bionic Reading Tools to Help You Read Faster

Reading is one of the most stimulating activities anyone can engage in. It does not matter if you are reading for school—or fun. Whatever the reason, there are times when we wish we could read faster.

Reading fast matters when you have a lot of pages to cover before your exams—or a book club review is just around the corner. This article is for you if you have found yourself in any of these situations. We will review the best tools to help you cover those pages in record time without missing out on any information.

What Is Bionic Reading, and Why Is It Important?

Bionic reading is a speed reading technique that highlights different parts of a word as your primary focus while reading. This way, your brain does not focus on reading the entire word as in regular text. Instead, it highlights the first letters in each word, so your eyes focus on those letters, and your brain does the comprehension.

Unlike other speed reading methods that require training or time investment, bionic reading is designed to be as natural as regular reading. Currently, bionic reading lacks sufficient evidence to prove that it works. However, many users have stated that it has helped them absorb more information faster. On the contrary, some users have found no difference in reading speed while using this method.

The best thing about bionic reading tools is that they exist as web browser extensions or mobile apps on Android and iOS. The Bionic Reading app remains one of the top tools as it is available in all three formats—however, there are other great alternatives that we will be looking at.

Since we have already discussed bionic reading and why you should use it, let us examine the best bionic reading tools to help you read faster.

1. Bionic Reading

Screenshot of Bionic Reader Web Page

Bionic Reading is a free application you can download on your devices. It also has a free web browser extension. This tool has a concise and direct interface, alongside various methods of providing the text to speed read.

For one, you can type your text directly into the provided space. Doing this will convert your text from the regular to the enhanced format for your reading. Alternatively, you can upload any file of your choice. Bionic Reading supports a variety of file formats, including documents and EPUB. Finally, you can enter a web address while the app converts it into the bionic format.

There are different settings on the bionic app to customize your reading experience. It allows you to choose which letters and syllables to focus on while reading. Moreover, Bionic Reading lets you select which background color to read on.

One of the many advantages of this tool is that you can download the converted material to your device in PDF or EPUB format. You can also send it to your Amazon Kindle. That way, you always have an enhanced text copy anytime, any day. Another stand-out feature of Bionic Reading is that it does not alter the layout of the text. The paragraphs, font size, and spacing all stay the same.

Download: Bionic Reading for Android | iOS | Website (Free)

2. Bionify

A screenshot of a web page with bionify extension

Although Bionify is a Google Chrome extension, it’s a free application and does not collect your data as you use it. You must download the extension from the Chrome Web Store to use Bionify. After downloading, you must pin it to the extension bar. Bionify only works on your current page, and you can always turn it off anytime you want.

Like Bionic Reading, Bionify highlights the first letters or syllables of every word, depending on the length of the word. Doing this helps you focus on the bolded parts of the word while your brain fills in the gaps as you read. Currently, this software does not work on downloaded documents like PDFs. It is strictly for web pages and does not alter the page’s layout or any other features on the page.

Website: Bionify (Free)

3. BioRead

BioRead is another great bionic reading software. It highlights the concise parts of a word. This focus helps your eyes through the text, making you read your material faster. BioRead allows you to import eBooks and PDF documents.

In addition, it allows you to paste text or website pages. These converted files automatically save to the BioRead app, so you can always have access to them. You can also customize the text font size, spacing, and text and background colors to suit your tastes.

BioRead is available on Android devices and has a free version, but subscription packages give you full access to all of its features. The subscription plans are $8.99 a week, $10.99 a month, and $45.99 a year.

Download: BioRead for Android (Free, Subscription Available)

4. Spreeder

Screenshot of Spreeder web version

Spreeder works like other bionic reading applications by bolding a word’s first letters or syllables. However, unlike most speed reading apps, it is loaded with many features that enhance your bionic reading experience. Professional experts are on hand to provide you with the necessary guides and training courses to navigate this technology.

These coaches help you practice speed reading, train, and control eye movement, and eliminate bad reading habits like subvocalization and regression. With Spreeder, you can provide texts in over a dozen ebooks and file formats like PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or Docx. Additionally, you can set the number of words and lines you want to read at a time. Spreeder also lets you set the page to move at a natural reading pace or your chosen speed.

Like BioRead, you can save any text you convert to the cloud library. Spreeder syncs these books across all your devices and allows you to continue reading from where you stopped. You can also customize your page font, spacing, and colors.

Spreeder has a free web version and a subscription-based version known as Spreeder VIP. The VIP version is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, starting at $7 monthly. Spreeder also offers a 7-day free trial to help you decide whether it is the best bionic reading app for you.

Download: Spreeder for Android | iOS | Windows (Subscription starts at $9)

The Future of Bionic Reading

Evidently, bionic reading is an emerging concept that not many are accustomed to. However, the presence of these useful tools makes it much easier for a newbie to explore this frontier. As seen, the tools highlighted in this article are specially designed for bionic reading. Each one has unique features and subscription plans, which you should consider before making your choice.

Another important factor to note is unique conditions like dyslexia or ADHD. Individuals with these disorders can see a distinct difference between regular text and bionic text, defeating the entire purpose of bionic reading tools.

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