The 10 Best Christmas Movies to Watch on Disney+

All streaming services offer Christmas fayre because when the holiday season kicks in, it’s all (some) people want to watch. Disney+ is no exception; these are the best Christmas movies on Disney+ we think are worth watching.

Disney+ offers a holiday collection to browse through, but seasonal keywords can bring up some limiting recommendations. However, by using our list of the best Christmas movies on Disney+, you should be able to find your holiday favorites.

When Santa decides to retire, his son Nick Kringle is due to take over for him this Christmas. Nick, however, isn’t doing a very good job as the Santa-to-be. His sister Noelle suggests he take a break to reset, but Nick disappears.

The film’s story sounds quite dire, but Noelle plays out like a Disney version of Elf. With offbeat humor mixed with an enthusiastic performance by Anna Kendrick, the film creates a new-yet-familiar seasonal experience.

This anthology animation offers three different Christmas tales centered around Disney’s mainstay families.

Mickey and Minnie play out their version of The Gift of the Magi. Donald and his nephews experience their variation of Christmas Every Day. Meanwhile, Goofy and Max don’t parallel a Christmas story but instead examine a child’s view of Santa Claus.

For anyone who’s a fan of classical Christmas tales adapted by Disney, give this one a try.

Set during Belle’s original stay in the Beast’s castle, where the enchanted servants are still trying to bring the two together. However, the two find themselves at odds again because Belle loves Christmas, and the Beast only views Christmas as a reminder of the curse cast upon him and his castle.

Still, Belle works again to challenge the Beast’s notions and bring about the warmth of the holiday with him.

As an impressive aside, this release managed to get the original voice cast together after a six-year break. With an expanded character cast and colorful new songs, this movie will help you remember the magic of the original film.

With his transformation from miser to the embodiment of Christmas goodwill, Scrooge’s tale makes for a riveting Christmas story. After an evening visitation by three spirits, the Victorian-era tale shows that it’s never too late to change.

Just like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, this is another Christmas movie starring Jim Carrey. However, he only lent his voice to this modern animated classic.

If you like animated movies and want to try your own take on a classic, explore how to become an animation writer.

For a different approach to the season, there’s a comedic exploration of fairy godmothering. Eleanor, a fairy godmother-in-training, goes after an assignment to prove people still need fairy godmothers. To this end, Eleanor tries to help what she thinks is a ten-year-old girl, only to be met with the challenges of a fully adult woman.

This unexpected comedy provides a blend of classic fairy tales with seasonal magic. For all its visual flair and exploration of happily ever after, it’s a welcome distraction for the holidays.

The classic tale of Kris Kringle and his claim to be the real Santa Claus. After Kris ends up unfairly institutionalized, a lawyer decides to prove that Kris is really Santa Claus.

The American classic remains one of the most consecutively watched Christmas films, being a favorite for families to watch together every year. Disney+ offers up the black-and-white version versus the colorized update, which we actually appreciate.

Miracle on 34th Street offers some variation to Disney+’s line-up for those more interested in less Disney character-driven holiday movies. If you’re interested in less IP-specific movies, here are the best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix this year.

After Elsa bemoans their lack of Christmas traditions, Olaf the snowman decides to intervene. He goes on a quest to gather the best traditions and bring them back to the Arendelle sisters.

This 21-minute-long short is a Christmas tale set in the Frozen universe. With lots of charm, humor, and musical focus, fans of the universe definitely should consider making this a seasonal staple.

As a sequel to the original Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, the second entry offers five tales in comparison to the original’s three. Once again, the five tales focus on Mickey, Minnie, Max, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie overcoming obstacles and finding their Christmas spirit and goodwill.

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas stands out as Disneytoon Studios’ first fully computer-animated film.

Tim Burton’s film tells the tale of the distraught Jack Skellington, smitten by his discovery of Christmas. When things go awry after Jack takes over Christmas, it’s up to the Pumpkin King to set things right.

To this day, the movie draws continual debate as to whether it’s a Christmas film or a Halloween movie. Even if you view it as being too unsettling for the holiday season, the stop-motion work alone makes it worth a mention.

A Very Merry Pooh Year contains both a Christmas and a New Year story.

The Christmas portion (Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too) tells the story of the Hundred Acre wood residents writing a letter to Santa to ask for their desired presents. Once Pooh realizes that he hasn’t asked for a gift for himself, he knows he needs to get the letter back.

It originally aired as an animated special in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh universe. Still, it stands out well by itself as a seasonal Winnie the Pooh story. If you’re craving the silly old bear, its short runtime makes for a pleasant visit in the Hundred Acre Wood.

If you wrap up your holiday season with this movie, there’s the option to cancel your Disney+ subscription until next time.

Which Christmas Movies on Disney+ Are You Watching?

Disney+ offers an impressive number of Christmas movies, so you should find something worth watching. With a growing list of live-action and animated movies, there’s more for every taste. However, if none of these titles appeal, there’s always the next year for more holiday-specific originals and classics.

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