Should You Buy a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday 2022?

Is it worth investing in a Nintendo Switch for Black Friday 2022? If so, what are the best deals available right now?

Nintendo has been doing some serious business with the Nintendo Switch. It has been the console giant’s saving grace for several years, with the OLED now in the hands of (some) consumers, we can’t see Nintendo’s speed run slowing down anytime soon.

With Black Friday here, you might be thinking of getting involved in Nintendo’s excellent Switch ecosystem. So, should you? Let’s find out.

One Awkward Point…

First, although we probably don’t need to, it is only fair to remind you that there is still a console deficit at the moment.

Supply—unfortunately—is not meeting demand. This is largely down to the semiconductor shortage that currently blights the tech industry; something which Nintendo seemed to be weathering fairly well up until the start of 2021, when Nintendo admitted that it too could feel the effects of the chip crisis.

While consoles like the Nintendo Switch OLED are certainly easier to get your hands on now than they have been in previous years, it is still a good idea to get in quick if you were thinking of picking up a Nintendo Switch this Black Friday. This is especially true if you were interested in picking up any of the themed OLED consoles.

Why Buy a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday 2022?

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OK, so with that elephant in the room trundling back to the jungle, there are loads of reasons why you should try and score your own Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch OLED this Black Friday.

First, the Switch is, of the three main consoles, the most fun. OK, so it might not have the graphical capabilities of the PS5 or Xbox Series X, but you won’t care, because you’ll be enjoying yourself too much. It certainly lacks the dour seriousness of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

The Nintendo Switch—by and large—puts the idea of fun ahead of any other factors that make the console a worthwhile purchase.

Sure, you can enjoy a lot of single-player pursuits with the Switch, but nothing is as entertaining as having a gaming get-together with friends, around Nintendo’s flagship device. Much like the party-play qualities of the Wii. Not only that, but you’ve got an excellent library of games to choose from.

Prices will be slashed on many of the best local multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch this Black Friday, so now is a great time to pick up some family friendly games before the holiday season.

With Black Friday specifically in mind, you can get a wide range of deals from various retailers, both on and offline. These include console and game bundles, console and subscription bundles, and console/peripheral bundles.

So, plenty of mix-and-match action this Black Friday, and certainly worth investing in a Switch, especially if you planned to anyway. As long as there’s some stock on the shelves, of course.

Where Can You Get a Switch During Black Friday?

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As we say, there are lots of deals for you to take advantage of. Here are the stores with the best deals available on the Nintendo Switch console, Switch games, and accessories.

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Should You Buy a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

You have to admit, despite being the less powerful of the three main consoles, the Switch has LOADS going for it. With awesome titles, a fantastic ecosystem, and hours of fun to be had with friends, you absolutely should buy the Nintendo Switch this Black Friday. That is if you can get hold of one.

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