Save Up to $150 and Get a Smart Garden for Your Home

Over the pandemic, many of us started growing plants here and there, maybe a beautiful flower, maybe a cactus, or maybe even a cool collection of herbs to use in the kitchen. Well, things would have been so much easier if we had this really cool Personal Garden system from Rise Gardens.

Well, if you’re still in full “plant growing frenzy,” the Personal Garden is now available at a great price.

Get the Black Friday Deal

The Rise Gardens deal for the Personal Garden system is going to be available until November 28th, so you should make sure to place your order before then in order to get the discount.

With your purchase, you won’t just save up to $150, but you’ll also get a great seed kit with thyme, sage, mint, and rosemary.

The Trick to a Green Thumb

Personal Garden living room
Image Credit: Rise Gardens

Not everyone is good with plants and keeping them alive, but all that matters it to not give up. You’ll learn as you go. Truthfully, the Personal Garden will be a great help because it requires so little of your attention once you have it set up.

Basically, this is an indoor hydroponic system that self-waters. Not only that, but it connects to your device via WiFi and gives you all the information you need while keeping all your plants alive.

The Personal Garden comes with instructions on how to grow 12 different plants, including herbs, beats, salads, or tea leaves. There are so many seeds to choose, as the site features over 70 options.

The package already includes about eight plants and supplies for your first harvest, as well as the nursery. The app that you need to have installed will notify you when your plants need watering or nutriends. You can even hook it up to Alexa so you can voice-control the system to turn the lights on and off, check water levels, and so on.

The Personal Garden features LED lights that mimic sunlight, which will help maximize plant growth. Plus, we have to admit that it looks absolutely stunning, and you won’t want to hide it somewhere. In fact, you’ll want to display this beautiful system right up on your kitchen counter, making it easier for you to cut any parsley you may need, or maybe a little mint for your drinks.

The other garden options are also quite stunning and it just depends on how many things you want to grow inside your home.

Now’s the Time to Garden Inside

With such promotions, now’s the perfect time to start gardening inside, growing your own veggies and herbs. So go ahead and get yourself a Personal Garden!

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