Save 75% On Udacity Nanodegrees and Courses and Get a Tech Job

Udacity is cutting down prices on its Nanodegrees and courses so you can save money and learn new skills.

November is here and while New Years is still two months away, we know just what you’re going to wish for the new year – a better life. Well, how about you start working towards that goal right now? What’s the point in waiting for 2023 if you could be halfway there by the time the ball drops in New York City?

Well, our suggestion is to start an online course right now, either to advance your current career and learn new skills, or to switch things out completely and take on a new path. Whatever goals you have for yourself, Udacity can help, especially as all Nanodegrees and courses are now available with a discount!

Start Learning

Nowadays, you have so many options to further your career, especially through online courses, that it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. The Udacity promotion runs through to November 15th, so you have plenty of time to decide which courses to take on.

Whatever new tech skill you want to get, Udacity has you covered. With the price drop, it would be a shame not to get started on a new path.

Save Money and Learn

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If we’re talking about Udacity courses, they can be quite pricey when they’re undiscounted. Monthly access to the courses is usually $399, while access for four months goes up to $1596. This new discount cuts down the price to $100 per month or $360 for the four-month course, for instance. Obviously, you’ll be motivated not to procrastinate since you’ll be wasting money if you don’t actually show up for class and finish up your course.

Udacity courses and Nanodegrees are available for multiple tech areas. For instance, you can check classes that deal with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Programming & Development, or Cybersecurity. There are also classes that will help you learn more about Marketing analytics, UX designing, or being a product manager in the tech industry.

Each course or degree has its own average length. You’ll see in the description how much time you have to put in to complete the course. For AI programming with Python, for instance, they estimate you have to put in about 10 hours per week for three months, while the Deep Learning Nanodegree program will take about four months to finish with the same 10 hours per week workload.

If you have more free time, you can wrap things up much faster.

It’s important always to learn new things, especially if they could help you advance your tech career or switch to a tech career in the first place. Until November 15th, 2022, you have time to get a great degree from Udacity.

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