Relax and Meditate With the Help of These 9 Smart Gadgets

Meditation is an ancient mind-body practice that you can use to develop awareness. It boasts plenty of fantastic mental, physical, and emotional benefits. A few of these benefits include reduced stress, better focus, and improved self-awareness.

Possibly the best aspect of meditation is that it only takes a few minutes of your time. And because it’s such a basic technique, you don’t need any fancy equipment. However, there are numerous smart gadgets and tools available that can make it easier and more fun to find your zen.

Core is a beautiful, handheld meditation device that uses ECG sensors to measure your pulse and heart rate during your meditation sessions. Additionally, Core also uses dynamic vibrations to help you stay focused. So Core is the ideal meditation trainer, particularly if you have trouble meditating for more than a few minutes.

To use the Core device, you need to download and connect the companion app. The app features thousands of guided meditation sessions to calm your mind, breath training, soundscapes, and music. Plus, you can use the Core app to track your meditation progress with statistics.

The word, Dhyana, means meditation. And that is exactly what the Dhyana smart ring can help you with! The smart ring features an HRV sensor, Bluetooth, wireless charging, a blood oxygen monitor, and a 3D motion sensor. But how do all these things improve your meditation sessions?

Dhyana uses these various features to track your heart rate and breathing through the ring and then guides you during your meditation sessions. From there, the app provides you with a breakdown of your breathing, relaxation, and focus. Besides meditation, Dhyana can help you track your sleep and daily activities.

resonate smart meditation couch

Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable meditation tool around is the Resonate chair. However, Resonate is by no means an ordinary piece of furniture. This smart meditation chair can help you reach your zen state using vibration technology, spatial sound, and immersive lights.

Furthermore, the Resonate chair comes with an accompanying app that has a library of content like guided meditations, breathwork, and sounds. Along with the newest addition to your living room, the state-of-the-art couch, you’ll also receive free light glasses and a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

If you want to level up your meditation sessions and improve your sleep experience, then Muse—the smart headband—is the gadget for you. Muse is one of the best gadgets for relaxation as it connects to its companion app on your smartphone and then uses EEG, PPG, pulse oximetry, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope to enhance your meditation.

As you meditate, the app gives you feedback on your mental state in real-time. For instance, if you’ve chosen mind meditation, Muse interprets your mental activity in the form of weather sounds. Additionally, you can use the Muse app to review, track and measure your meditation results.

Bose smart noise-canceling headphones

If you can’t find a peaceful location to meditate or find it tough to fully focus, noise-canceling headphones are a must. In addition, wearing headphones can help you deepen your meditation experience with binaural beats and isochronic tones.

Bose’s wireless, modern headphones are possibly the best for the job as they come with unique features like adjustable noise-canceling levels. Bose even gives you the ability to set a shortcut to your chosen music service, such as Spotify. To access it, all you have to do is tap your headphones, and you can listen to your favorite meditation playlists.

Meditation and sleep go hand in hand. Being too tired can prevent you from meditating effectively, while regular daily meditation can help you sleep better. The Pegasi smart sleep glasses claim to adjust and improve your sleep in only seven days.

Simply wear the smart glasses daily for 30 minutes, and this smart sleeping tool uses light therapy to control the wavelengths of light you’re exposed to. By doing this, the glasses reset your body’s internal clock back to normal. The Pegasi glasses connect with the Pegasi app to help you monitor your sleeping statistics—such as your overall sleep time.

now tone therapy Solu N.O.W. Tone Therapy System

Do you want to enhance your meditation in as little as three minutes? If so, the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System is for you. It sounds complicated, but N.O.W is simply two small speakers that work together to play soothing tones and sounds. All you have to do is focus entirely on the various tones and sounds to prevent your mind from wandering.

It is recommended that you listen to the speakers twice daily for just three minutes, which is great if you’re always busy or strapped for time. When you’re done with the three minutes, the smart device switches off by itself—leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace.

snooz smart white noise machine

Listening to white noise is an effective way to shut off any outside noise and help you catch some z’s. However, did you know that your meditation sessions can also benefit from white noise? Essentially, a white noise machine can block out distractions and help you focus singularly on the hushing sound.

SNOOZ is a smart white noise machine that uses a real fan to create the perfect sound of whirring air. The best bit is that the sound is fully customizable, so you can choose the tone and set the volume. Moreover, you can connect your SNOOZ device to the free app to set specific schedules and on/off times.

It’s now possible to wear a smart fitness and wellness device that also doubles as a fashionable piece of jewelry. Leaf Urban is a tracker that you never have to take off, and you can choose to wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or clip. Leaf Urban is both beautiful and useful, but it really focuses on your mental and physical well-being.

With tons and tons of guided meditations on the companion app, Bellabeat, there is something for everyone, whether you’re a meditation newbie or an advanced practitioner. As well as enhancing your meditation sessions, the app can also track your menstrual cycle, sleep quality, daily activity, and water intake.

Smart Devices to Make Your Meditation Sessions Better Than Ever Before

Is your day filled with stress and anxiety? Do you often feel like you’d like to be happier? Perhaps, you deal with insomnia and wish to fall asleep easier. Consider learning the technique of meditation. No, meditation isn’t merely for stereotypes; everyone can do it. All you need is a few minutes a day to bring inner peace and find joy.

These days, there’s a smart device or app for just about every part of your life. That’s why it’s not a surprise that a variety of awesome smart meditation gadgets are available. Choose one or more of the aforementioned meditation gadgets and see how they improve your next meditation session!

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