Personalize Your Android Home Screen With These 9 Great Apps

The home screen is one of the most critical aspects of your smartphone experience. It’s where you launch apps, perform web searches, check widgets, and do much more.

Android allows you to personalize that experience however you want. And apart from the default personalization options, Google Play has tons of excellent home screen customization apps. So, let’s look at some great apps you can install to customize your Android home screen like a pro.

1. Tapet Wallpapers

Searching for a new and unique wallpaper can become a rather time-consuming process. So why not let an app cycle wallpapers for you?

Tapet is a nifty app that automatically produces new wallpaper patterns for your home screen. You can have it do so once every day or even hourly. What’s more, Tapet does this on your device and doesn’t require an internet connection.

You can also manually select a pattern of your choice, apply effects to it, and change its color easily. However, it’s more fun to let the app generate random wallpapers for you to surprise you every now and then with something special.

Download: Tapet Wallpapers (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Nova Launcher

Nova is one of the best launchers available for Android, providing you with so many customizations for your Android home screen. It’s smooth, fluid, and easy to use.

As it replaces your phone’s default launcher, it completely changes the way your home screen looks and feels. In addition, it also provides you with various widgets, icons, and labels to make your phone look attractive and easier to navigate.

Nova is not your only choice. You can also check out these lists of lightweight launchers and minimalist launchers. We even have a list of simple launchers for seniors in case you want to customize the home screen on your grandparents’ phones.

Download: Nova Launcher (Free, premium version available)

3. Icon Pack Studio

As the name suggests, Icon Pack Studio changes the app icons on your home screen, as long as you’re using a compatible launcher (and most third-party launchers are, including Nova).

Unlike other icon packs available on the Play Store, this app lets you create your own icon packs and personalize your icons according to your taste. The app provides you with different icon customization features. For example, you can change icon shapes and sizes and add filters and special effects to your app icons.

By defining a pattern, it lets you easily change the appearance of all your icons on your phone with one tap. And finally, you can also use a third-party icon pack with Icon Pack Studio, making it a complete icon personalization solution.

Download: Icon Pack Studio (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Doodle

Doodle is beautifully built to customize your home screen with quality live wallpapers, offering smooth animations. It is an easy-to-use app with no ads or in-app purchases and vast flexibility for customization.

Once you download the app, it lets you prepare your live wallpaper by experimenting with its various options. You can change the appearance, like colors, designs, and much more, and in addition, it also offers to change the icon shapes.

Download: Doodle (Free)

KWGT is a great home screen personalization tool for Android that allows you to create custom widgets for your home screen. You can use its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create your own widget designs.

With KWGT, you can make digital or analog clocks and other widgets for weather, music, alarms, battery information, and a lot more. You’ll find over a thousand widgets to choose from in its featured section and plenty of design options to customize your widgets even further.

Download: KWGT Kustom Widget Maker (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Weawow

If Kustom is a bit overwhelming for you and you just want a nice weather widget, Weawow allows you to add one to your home screen. You can customize this ad-free widget according to your preference, and it gives you pretty accurate weather updates for your region.

To get started, select your current location, and then you can start the customization process. Once you are satisfied with the selected options, tap on the Create button to add this widget to your home screen.

It shows daily, hourly, and weekly temperatures, humidity, and other weather-related information. You can also turn on notifications for daily weather forecasts.

Download: Weawow (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Stuff

Stuff is simply a to-do list widget for your home screen that allows you to create categories, add new tasks and events, and mark them as complete right from your home screen. This widget is so useful, helping you remember things just by looking at your home screen.

Stuff also allows you to add self-notes. You can download some beautiful to-do list apps from Google Play, but this widget has a unique way of achieving the same goal without needing you to use a proper app.

Download: Stuff (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. JINA Drawer

JINA lets you customize the app drawer on your Android phone. If your phone has a lot of apps, then JINA will be quite useful for organizing them according to your needs. In addition, it offers incredible customization options as well.

The app lets you make folders to combine similar apps in one place, helping you with app organization. It also allows you to select a list of your favorite apps to access through a small tab that you can easily place in any area of your screen.

JINA has a pull-out side menu that is just a swipe away, letting you easily see your apps in alphabetical order right from your home screen. You can also rename any app and place it where you want it to be on the list.

Download: JINA Drawer (Free)

9. Sesame Search & Shortcuts

Sesame is a powerful tool that creates shortcuts on your home screen and also allows you to search for anything on your phone. You can also customize your shortcuts with Sesame. The app is user-friendly, and in addition to the great functionality, it is highly customizable, allowing you to turn off or modify certain features on your phone or apps.

After installation, you have to permit it to access all your apps and relevant data. Then you can start the customization process and perform a super accessible search which improves accessibility and overall efficiency.

Download: Sesame Search & Shortcuts (Free, in-app purchases available)

Remodel Your Android Home Screen With These Apps

Android home screen personalization apps are useful in making your phone’s interface more elegant and easier to navigate. You enjoy using your phone more when you get the exact interface you want.

We have handpicked these apps from the Play Store out of thousands of available apps. So, go ahead and try them to completely modify your phone’s interface.

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