NordPass Premium Price Gets Halved on Black Friday

This Black Friday, you can pay 50% less for the two-year NordPass Premium plan!

One of the most difficult things to do nowadays, where you need accounts for every little site you visit, is to remember all your passwords. Thankfully, tools like NordPass can help with all of that and much more. Even better, NordPass is running a massive Black Friday sale so you can save a lot of money!

Once you have NordPass, there’s really no reason for you to reuse the same password over and over again or to set it to “Passw0rd1”.

Save 50% on NordPass

NordPass has been around for a while and it’s one of the most-used password managers on the market right now.



NordPass Premium is 50% OFF. Pay $1.49/month for the two-year plan.

This year, your best bet is to get NordPass for two years. You’ll only pay $35.76 for the whole period, which is half what you’d normally pay. That’s a great deal since this is a tool you’ll end up using all the time.

What Do You Get With NordPass Premium?

While it’s true that malware often plays a part, data breaches sometimes happen; one of the biggest flaws in our everyday cybersecurity is our password. If we create super complicated passwords, we forget them. If we create different passwords for each account, we forget them. If we jot them down, that’s a security risk. The list just goes on and on and the only solution is to use a password manager like NordPass.

Not only will NordPass remember all your complicated and unique passwords, but it will even help you create them with the help of random generators. The app can store however many passwords you want and sync them across all devices so they’re ready to use at any time. You can also store other types of sensitive information, like your credit card details. Nordpass works on smartphones, Windows, macOS, Linux, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Safari.

NordPass Premium also provides some extra features, enabling users to check whether any of the data leaks feature your accounts, in which case you should tighten up security. There’s also a completely encrypted vault where you can store passwords and notes, and so on.

A Deal Not to Be Missed

Having a good password manager is essential these days and NordPass is super easy to use as well as fairly cheap to get right now. Take advantage of the Black Friday deal and save 50% on your subscription!

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