Microsoft Edge Is Getting a Better Webpage Search Tool

A new tool, which contains title case searching and accent matching options, just made a splash on the Edge Canary branch.

Hitting CTRL + F to find something on a webpage is a quick and easy way to skip to where you want to go. However, sometimes a browser’s search tool doesn’t quite cut it. Microsoft aims to change that with a new search tool for Edge, which will make things easier to find.

As spotted by Neowin, Microsoft has added a brand new search tool to the Edge Canary branch. This new tool now adds four quick toggles to the search bar when you hit CTRL + F on a webpage.

If you want to search for something on a webpage, but you want your search to be case-sensitive, the “match case” option can do that. And if you’re searching for a word that also appears inside other words, you can turn on “match whole word” to ensure you only get the results you want.

The “include related matches” toggle will let Edge display results that it thinks are related to what you’re looking for. And “match diacritics” takes into account any accents on the letters you’ve used in your search.

Right now, this search tool is only on the Edge Canary branch. This means that you won’t find it if you booted up the version of Edge that came with your Windows PC. However, you can use the Microsoft Edge Insider channel to subscribe to the Canary version, which Microsoft uses to test features in the browser.

Is Microsoft Trying to Remove the Need for Extensions?

This may seem like a small change at first, but it shows that Microsoft may be working toward “baking in” features that people often turn to extensions for. Doing so would make Edge a convenient alternative to its rival browsers.

For instance, the most-used browser on the market, Chrome, doesn’t have advanced webpage search options by default. If you want to perform, say, a case-sensitive search, you need an extension to do the job for you.

By adding these desired features into the browser itself, Microsoft is likely trying to make Edge a complete package right out of the box without the need for extensions. This is great for people who won’t install extensions, either because they don’t know how, they don’t want to, or they cannot due to being on a public PC.

As such, there’s a likely chance we’ll see Microsoft adding more of these highly-desired quality-of-life features to Edge. And if the company is successful, it may succeed in keeping people from downloading competitor browsers and sticking with what Windows gives them by default.

The Search Is Over for a Better Webpage Search Tool

Once this new search tool arrives on the main Microsoft Edge branch, it is sure to make finding things on a webpage a lot easier. And if Microsoft is lucky, it may yet give users another reason to stick with its browser instead of going to the competition.

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