LastPass Breached Again, Free Streaming TV Services, Wi-Fi Standards Explained, and VPNs on Smart TVs

The latest tech news that matters and some tips and tricks for improved streaming video performance.

We’ve got the latest important tech news that matters in this week’s tech podcast for technophobes, plus a load of tips and tricks that you can use to improve your experience with streaming TV.

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This week, we bring you the following tech news that matters:

We’ve also got these tips and tricks:

No recommendations this week!

Coming soon on the Really Useful Podcast:

  • Two shows of the latest tech news that matters and Christmas tips and tricks
  • Our Review of 2022 drops on Wednesday 28th of December, featuring Christian Cawley, Ben Stegner, and Gavin Phillips.

Christian Cawley and Gavin Phillips host the tech podcast for technophobes. You can contact them on Twitter: @thegadgetmonkey and @gavinspavin, with your suggestions for future topics.

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