How to Use Vana Portrait to Generate AI Self-Portraits

Want to know what your self-portraits will look like in various styles of AI art? Send them to Vana. Here’s how it works.

Vana Portrait has made headlines as social media users flood news feeds with their AI-generated self-portraits. Here’s how you can get personalized portraits from Vana Portrait too.

How to Get Your Vana Portraits

To get your own Vana portraits, you need to follow a number of steps which we have split into two sections: Phase 1 and Phase 2. The reason is because of the waiting period between submission and gaining access to your gallery.

Phase 1: Submit Your Images

Let’s start with the submission process for your Vana self-portraits.

  1. Visit the Vana Portrait website on your PC or mobile phone (there is no app available at the time of writing). We are using the PC version for this guide.
  2. Click Create your gallery.
    Picture of a text reading

  3. When the next page has loaded, a pop-up will immediately appear in the center of the screen where Vana shows suggestions on how to get a great portrait. Make sure to read and observe before clicking the x in the top right corner to minimize the pop-up.
    Vana Portrait pop-up reading

  4. Click + Add 8 images, and make sure you add at least eight photos, although you can add more. If you’ve added the wrong image, you can click Remove and select another image. Once your eight pictures are added, the function will change to Looks good.
    8 portraits of a woman under a text that reads

  5. Enter your email in the space below.
  6. Click Submit & Agree. If you haven’t added the correct number of images, this function will not work.

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive an email from Vana to confirm that the submission was successful. After a waiting period of a few days to a few weeks, you will receive another email letting you know your gallery is available for viewing.

If you want immediate results, Google can turn your photos into works of art too, so why not try that while you wait?

Now it’s time to see what you got!

  1. Open the email from Vana Portrait.
  2. To view your personalized gallery, click here.
    Email from Vana Portrait stating that the gallery is ready is for viewing

  3. View your gallery by clicking on the different art style sections.
    Pixelated gallery for Vana Portrait showing two sections of portraits

There are eight different art styles for your portraits. Each style offers a range of portraits, and there are over 100 to choose from in total.

  • Home of the Flying Lizard
  • Vice Vehicle Felon
  • Paint
  • Cyborg
  • Black and White
  • Flowers
  • Cosmic
  • Cyberpunk

In order to get good results with Vana, consider leveling up your portrait photography.

Turn Your Portraits Into AI Art With Vana

Before photography was invented, portraits had to be painted by an artist, and the process could take months or even years. But with the advancement in AI and creative technology, we can now turn our lives into works of art almost instantaneously.

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