How to Use the Depth App on the Apple Watch Ultra

Learn more about what the exclusive app can do when the Apple Watch is underwater.

If you have an Apple Watch Ultra, you can use the exclusive Depth app to track all of your activity underwater like when snorkeling or scuba diving.

We’ll show you how to use the Depth app on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Using the Apple Watch Ultra Depth App

apple watch ultra depth app screen
Image Credit: Apple

The Depth app measures water temperature, duration underwater, and depth up to 130 feet.

By default, the Depth app will automatically launch when the Apple Watch Ultra is submerged. Alternatively, you manually open the app on your watch. You can also program the Depth app to start when pressing the Apple Watch Ultra Action button.

If you’d prefer for the Depth app not to automatically begin underwater, head to Settings > General on the Apple Watch. Next, select Auto-Launch. Toggle off Auto-Launch App under the When Submerged section.

You can also change the unit of depth and water temperature measurement in the app. To do that, head to Settings > Depth on the Apple Watch Ultra.

When the Depth app starts, it will automatically turn on Water Lock on the Apple Watch Ultra. That will disable any screen or Digital Crown input until canceled.

So if you want to record a workout, make sure to start it before the Depth app.

After being submerged, the app will show the current time, current depth and maximum depth, time you’ve been underwater, and water temperature.

Image Credit: Apple

An easy-to-read on-screen animation will help you better understand your depth at a quick glance. The app will work up to a depth of 130 feet and in water between 32 and 104 Fahrenheit.

To end the Depth app session, press and hold the Digital Crown. That will also turn off Water Lock.

The Depth app isn’t the only Apple Watch Ultra feature designed for outdoor adventures. You can also use a built-in, 86-decibel siren on the watch to call for help.

Take a Dive With the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra offers a number of features not found on other models. And the Depth app is a perfect way for underwater explorers to see information in real-time.

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