How to Use DefenderUI to Repair the Windows Protection History

Make an easy task even easier by using DefenderUI to repair the Windows Protection History.

Windows keeps a tab on the Windows Defender’s activities. For instance, every time Defender removes an app or stops a service/process from running, the activities are logged inside Windows Protection History.

Sometimes Windows Protection History gets corrupted and crashes. In that case, you need to repair the service. Now, you can do this manually through the Settings app, or you can use DefenderUI which allows you to solve the problem with just a few clicks.

Let’s see how to repair Windows Protection History using DefenderUI.

What Is DefenderUI?

DefenderUI is a third-party application that compiles all Windows Defender features and tools into one place. It also unlocks hidden Defender features that are normally stuck behind menus and users can’t find them easily.

For instance, with DefenderUI, you can exclude files and folders from getting scanned by Windows Defender.

In other words, DefenderUI gives Windows Defender a much-needed facelift.

How to Use DefenderUI to Repair Windows Protection History

First, download DefenderUI and install it. Then, launch the app and navigate to the Home tab.

In the Home tab, click Clear and repair Protection history. In the dialogue box that appears, press Yes to clear the Protection history.

Clearing Windows Protection History in DefenderUI

Clearing and repairing the protection history requires a complete system reboot. So, before pressing Yes, make sure you save any unsaved work.

DefenderUI Allows You to Tweak a Handful of Defender Settings

Windows Defender is a powerful tool with a bunch of options. DefenderUI allows you to fine-tune the application in a way that suits your needs.

For instance, with DefenderUI, you have control over everything from adding file/folder exclusions and tweaking Defender’s scanning behavior to enabling/disabling File Hash computation.

So, mess around with the DefenderUI, read up on what different options do, and soon you’ll have tailored Windows Defender to fit your needs.

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