How to Use Bluetooth Headphones With an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Here’s how to listen to your Fire TV Stick content with your headphones to avoid disturbing others.

Worried about bothering other people with the loud volume of streamed content on your Fire TV Stick? To fix this, you can send the audio to your Bluetooth headphones instead.

As long as your device is Bluetooth-enabled, you can connect and use it with your Fire Stick. We’ll show you how.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones With Your Fire Stick

A Fire TV Stick is a versatile device for viewing entertainment. You can use it to do everything from install apps and games to view your doorbell camera.

The Fire Stick also offers a straightforward method to help you connect your audio devices:

  1. Put your headphones in pairing mode. How you do this will depend on the device. For example, if you have AirPods, press and hold down the only button on the AirPods case.
  2. Open Settings on your Fire Stick.
  3. Access the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices option.
    remote bluetooth devices on fire stick

  4. Select Other Bluetooth Devices.
  5. Select the Add Bluetooth Devices option to connect a device to your Fire Stick.
  6. Highlight your headphones when they appear and press the Select button on your Fire Stick remote.
    pairing your bluetooth headphones

Your Bluetooth headphones should now be paired.

Updated Volume Control Capability For Your Bluetooth Headphones

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick may have problems sometimes. Fortunately, volume control with your Blue-tooth-enabled headphones might not be one of them. If your headphones have their own volume controls, you can use that method.

The Fire Stick formerly did not offer the option to control volume levels for your Bluetooth devices. This capability has been updated. If you have something like AirPods that have no dedicated volume control buttons, you can now use your Fire Stick remote to adjust the volume levels as usual.

How to Disconnect or Unpair Bluetooth Headphones From a Fire Stick

If you want to return the audio back to your default audio system, you can disconnect your Bluetooth headphones from your Fire Stick. On the same menu, it’s easy to unpair the headphones:

  1. Head into Settings from the main Fire Stick screen.
  2. Select the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices option.
  3. Choose Other Bluetooth Devices.
  4. You’ll see your headphones listed on your screen. Highlight them using your remote and press the Select button to disconnect your headphones.
  5. If you want to unpair the devices, hit the Menu button on your remote instead and confirm your action.
    unpairing your bluetooth headphones

Watch Fire Stick Content Without Disturbing Others

Having the Fire Stick support Bluetooth for audio is super convenient as you can enjoy your content without disturbing others. This is especially true now that you can use the native Fire Stick volume control. It’s also handy if your headphones are higher-quality than your TV’s speakers.

So don’t worry about how loud your Fire TV is playing. Go ahead and crank up the volume.

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