How to Play Reddit’s “Spooky Bananas” Game in Time for Halloween

Reddit has gotten in the spooky spirit for Halloween. Here’s all you need to know about its seasonal Spooky Bananas game.

Every social media platform celebrates Halloween in its own way. Reddit has taken the route of launching a seasonal game called Spooky Bananas.

If you want to join in on the fun, here’s how to get involved with Reddit’s Halloween game.

What Is Reddit’s Spooky Bananas Game?

Spooky Bananas is a mini-game built into Reddit’s website for Halloween. The game sees players navigate using Reddit’s mascot Snoo, with the aim being to collect as many bananas as possible before time runs out.

Once you start the game, bananas will populate your screen and you need to move Snoo around to collect them. The game takes place over the Reddit page you were browsing when you started, switched to Dark Mode. You can see your score, the control buttons, and how much time you have left.

Once time runs out, you are presented with your score total. You can choose to play again or exit the game. If you’re feeling proud, you can post your result to one of the megathreads dedicated to Spooky Bananas on Reddit.

How to Play Spooky Bananas

The game is available on the web version of Reddit, so open up Then, click the bananas icon in the top navigation bar, between the Reddit Coins and inbox icons.

This will open up a popup with the instructions for the game. Click Start to launch your Spooky Bananas game. You can move Snoo on the screen using the WASD keys. Bananas will appear every few seconds around the page and you collect them by moving Snoo over them.

When your time is up, choose to Play Again or Say Goodbye. The game is meant as a fun Easter egg for the spooky season, so it’s aimed at providing a quick, repeatable mini-game experience.

In the past, Reddit has also launched experiments and other ways for users to interact with the platform as a temporary feature. In April 2022, Reddit launched r/Place, an art experiment that let Redditors contribute to a giant shared canvas.

Reddit Brings Halloween Fun to Its Users

Hopefully this isn’t the last time that Reddit brings fun experiments to its platform. As a seasonal event, Spooky Bananas will likely make a return. But make sure to get involved in the fun before Halloween is over.

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