How to Make Time for Fitness During the Holiday Season

Sometimes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season and let your exercise schedules fall by the wayside. However, with a little creativity and forethought, you can make time for fitness during busy wintry days. Here’s how to stay on track amidst the gatherings, bad weather, and celebrating.

1. Plan Ahead

Scheduling workouts ahead of time is an excellent way to stay on top of your goals. Log workouts in a planner or a to-do list app to keep track of what is on tap for the next few days.

In addition, prepare for workouts the night before to make it easier on yourself in the morning. Simply setting out exercise clothes and wrangling everything into a gym bag can increase the likelihood of getting that workout in.

2. Run a Themed 5K With Friends and Family

Many cities host 5K fun runs around the holidays (look for names like Turkey Trot or Reindeer Run). Get some friends, family members, or colleagues to sign up as well and make it a social event. Dressing in silly matching costumes is optional, but encouraged.

Prepare for the race ahead of time with a beginner-friendly 5K training app. There are plenty of excellent options available, and the C25K 5K Trainer app is one of the most popular choices. Follow a 5K training plan with your running buddies to prepare for the 5K together. Then, have fun staying fit while you’re together for the holidays!

Download: C25K 5K Trainer for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Taking a lap around the mall might rack up more steps than you realize. By keeping track of steps throughout the day, step-counting apps record just how much ground you’ve covered.

As it turns out, people who monitor their steps each day with a body tracker or smartphone app tend to take more steps in both the short term and the long term, according to research in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. As the article explains, walking is an excellent physical activity that can help increase aerobic exercise.

To add a little fun to the mix, make a game out of increasing your step count. In fact, Hero Trainer and other pedometer apps give rewards for hitting a certain number of steps in a given amount of time. The app offers an extra incentive to keep on strolling, whether you’re shopping for a holiday meal or taking a loop around the neighborhood.

4. Go for a Bike Ride to See Holiday Decor

Person riding bike beside holiday lights

Checking out the neighborhood’s lights and decorations while taking a spin around the block is a fun and fitness-inspired way to celebrate the holidays. The straightforward Bike GPS–Ride Tracker app shows your live cycling speed and monitors your distance, so you can keep track of all those workouts on two wheels.

To more easily keep up with traffic, consider investing in an e-bike as well. For the most part, e-bikes offer the benefits of a pedal-powered workout, and the throttle can take over if you need a little assistance during the ride.

Download: Bike GPS – Ride Tracker for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Try Shorter Workouts

When it comes to exercise, sometimes a little effort can go a long way. With the great selection of 7-minute workout apps available, it is possible to get a workout at any time, even with a packed schedule.

Despite their short length, these workouts are no walk in the park. They encourage strength-building, mobility, and cardio in just a few minutes at home. Some of these high-intensity routines will work well streamed to your TV screen, so go ahead and let the rest of the family join in the fun.

6. Join a Group Fitness Challenge

Make workouts part of a team effort. For many people, participating in team sports or group exercise classes is an excellent way to stay motivated. In addition, joining group-based workouts may even help protect against depression, according to Social Science & Medicine. A great workout buddy (or buddies) can make all the difference, especially when fitness inspiration is harder to come by around the holiday season.

To get involved, look for fun group activities in your area, whether that’s a kickball league or a step class. Downloading some social workout apps can help you connect with others, as well. In many cases, sticking with fitness plans is easier when you and your teammates are pushing each other to keep it up.

Want to add a little competition to the mix? Consider a challenge in the Challenges, which lets you compete with teams or individuals anywhere and earn rewards for making progress. Sometimes earning a virtual gold medal—and making sure your social circle knows about it—is all the motivation you need to knock out a workout.

Download: Challenges – Compete, Get Fit for iOS | Android (Free)

7. Try Indoor Workouts

Person doing indoor workout

Shorter days and lousy weather can make outdoor workouts less than appealing. When it’s really rough out, even a trip to the gym can feel like a lot of effort.

Thankfully, there are plenty of engaging YouTube channels for low-impact workouts to keep things moving at home. Even better: none of the workouts call for jumping moves, so these exercises are apartment-friendly. Work up a sweat any time of day without irritating the neighbors.

8. Try Something Totally New

Pick up a new sport or activity during the wintry holidays. Maybe you and the family are eager to give pickleball a shot or you want to try out the local spin class. Even augmented reality fitness apps like Plaicise can shake up anybody’s workout routine.

There is a reason why switching up fitness endeavors can be so exciting. In fact, novelty and enjoyment may be key factors in motivating you to stick with physical activities over time, according to Frontiers in Psychology. So don’t be afraid to try anything that catches your attention, whether that’s an indoor surfing exercise class or broomball.

Make Time for Movement This Holiday Season

With a little forethought and perhaps some friendly competition, it’s possible to keep up with fitness goals throughout the holiday season. By making some time for activity and movement among all the festivities, you’ll feel better about sticking to your workout habits through whatever the holidays have in store.

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