How to Generate Stylized Text in Windows 10 & 11

Regular fonts aren’t always sufficient when users need more visually appealing heading text to add to website and publication-style documents, such as brochures, leaflets, magazine pages, etc. You can make websites and documents stand out by adding stylized text to them. Stylized text is a more unique and creative form of text.

Windows 11/10 doesn’t have any pre-installed app for generating stylized text. Paint, Paint 3D, and Photos are of little use for generating fancy text. Nevertheless, you can still generate stylized text in Windows 11 and 10 with these third-party apps and extensions.

How to Generate Stylized Text With Creative Text Creator

Creative Text Creator is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app with which you can generate stylized text on different backgrounds and save the output in the PNG image format. Then you can add the stylized text PNG image to a document or website. Creative Text Generator is a freely available app, but it also has an ad-free deluxe version that includes premium fonts and backgrounds.

You can add Creative Text Creator to Windows 10 and 11 by clicking Get in Store app on its MS Store page. Select the Open in Microsoft Store option. Then click the Install button to download and add Creative Text Creator.

After launching Creative Text Creator, click Start Creating to view the app’s options. Select Text to bring up a text box. Input your text within the box, and click the tick button to add it over the background.

You can change the style by clicking the Font option. Then click through the font boxes to choose an alternative.

To resize the text, click on it to activate its selection box. Left-click the resize button and move the mouse right or left to expand or reduce the text. You can also click the Size option and drag the bar’s slider left or right to resize the text.

You can change the color of the text by clicking the Color option. Select a circle to apply its color to the text.

Creative Text Creator includes options for adding transparency and shadow effects. Click the Shadow option and drag the bar slider for it to apply a shadow effect. You can add transparency to the text by selecting the Opacity option and dragging the bar slider.

Click the tick button when you’ve finished editing. Then you can also change the text’s backdrop by selecting Background. Click a category, and then choose a background from those available. Alternatively, you can select Transparency to have no background set or Gallery to add your own.

When done, click the Save disk icon on the right side of the options bar. Clicking that option will automatically save the text as a PNG file to a predetermined folder. You can select Saved File to bring up the Creative Text Folder that includes your saved output.

How to Generate Stylized Text With Edge’s Fancy Text Generator Extension

Fancy Text Generator is an Edge, Chrome, and Opera extension that generates stylized text based on Unicode characters. It enables you to copy the stylized text snippets generated to the clipboard. Then you can paste the copied snippets (see how to copy and paste anywhere) into documents or emails.

This is how you can generate stylized text with Fancy Text Generator in Edge:

  1. Open the Fancy Text Generator extension page for Edge.
  2. Press Fancy Text Generator’s Get button.
  3. Click Add extension to confirm.
  4. Then click the Extensions (jigsaw piece) button on Edge’s toolbar.

  5. Click Fancy Text Generator to bring up the extension.
  6. Then press the Browse All Text Styles button to open a new tab.

  7. Enter something in the Input Your Text Here box.
  8. Scroll down through the stylized text previews and click one to copy to the clipboard.

  9. Now open a document in a word processor or other form of text editor.
  10. Press the Ctrl + V keyboard keys simultaneously to paste the stylized text into the document.

  11. After pasting the stylized text in, you can edit it with your word processor’s options. For example, you can resize the text, change its color, or apply bold formatting.

How to Generate Stylized Text With the CoolText Web App

There are also numerous web apps with which you can generate stylized text in a Windows browser. CoolText is one such web app that provides a good selection of groovy text graphics you can download as images. You can generate stylized text with CoolText like this:

  1. Open the CoolText Graphics Generator website in a Windows web browser.
  2. Click a text style preview to select it.

  3. Input some text in the Logo Text box.

  4. Click the arrow buttons on the Text Size box to resize the logo.
  5. Press the Create Logo button.
  6. Select the Download option to save the stylized text as a PNG file. You’ll find that file in the folder you’ve configured your browser to download in.

The CoolText Graphics Generator page shows its most popular text category by default, which has about three pages of logos. However, you can choose more logos from different categories, such as science-fiction, holiday, animated, fun, etc. Click a different generator category link at the bottom of the page to view its stylized text.

CoolText Graphics Generator does have some logo and shadow customization settings you can adjust before downloading logos. Click the Logo tab to view color settings. There you can click color palettes to select different colors for the logo.

Many of CoolText’s logos have shadow effects. To adjust those effects, select the Shadow tab. Then click the Shadow Type drop-down menu to choose a different one. Increasing the Shadow Offset X and Y values will enhance the amount of shadow.

Transparent PNG is the default file download format for CoolText logos. However, you can select different formats. Click the Image tab for a logo. Then select an alternative option on the File Format drop-down menu.

If you choose a non-transparent PNG, GIF, or JPG format, you can select a color for its backdrop with the Background Color option. Our piece about PNG, GIF, and JPG image file types testing provides further details about which format is best for you..

Add More Stylish Text to Your Documents or Websites

You can generate stylized text quickly and easily in Windows 11 with Creative Text Generator, CoolText, and Fancy Text Generator. The stylized text generated with those apps will enable you to add eye-catching banners, headings, and subheadings to documents and web pages.

Or you can use the stylized Unicode text generated with Fancy Text Generator in your emails, social media profiles, or even forum posts.

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