How to Follow Someone From Anywhere on Instagram

The Instagram app is constantly changing. Fortunately, it’s easy to follow accounts on Instagram, so you can grow your account and connect with other users.

This article will show you how to follow Instagram accounts from anywhere on the app. Let’s dive in.

How to Follow an Account From a Suggested Post

Have you ever seen multiple posts from the same account and wondered if you’re following them, even if you’re not familiar with them?

It happens to the best of us. That’s because Instagram tends to show you suggested posts and Reels in your Feed. After all, it thinks (or hopes) you might like that kind of content.

If you recognize a creator from the posts or Reels Instagram has shown you, or you simply dig the content you’re seeing, you can follow the creator then and there. Tap the Follow button above the post and next to their profile name, and you’re good to go.

You can also quickly click on their profile name and hit the Follow button on their profile.

How to Follow a Suggested Account

You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you’re met with faces you don’t recognize. Only this time, you’re not looking at suggested posts—they’re suggested profiles.

From here, you can swipe left or tap See All to reveal more account suggestions. You can also tap on one of the account suggestions to check out the profile. While on their profile, you’ll notice more account suggestions in the lower half of the screen.

Again, tap the profile suggestions that look interesting or See All to expand the list. You can then tap the Follow button either below or next to the name of the accounts that stand out to you.

How to Follow an Instagram Account on Their Profile

This is the most prominent and popular method of following an Instagram account. Maybe you found a post in the Feed or the Explore page that was so cool it piqued your interest in the user’s profile.

If it looks like the type of content you’d want to see more of, tap the Follow button below the bio at the top of the screen.

That’s it—there really isn’t much to it. Instagram will notify the account that you’ve followed them, which could prompt them to visit your profile. Ensure you have your top three posts pinned to the top of your Instagram grid, so they’re the first posts your profile visitors see.

You might also want to consider adding Instagram Story highlights to your profile to show visitors what you’re into or what you’ve been up to.

Tips for Following Accounts on Instagram

As previously mentioned, Instagram’s algorithm shows you accounts and posts from strangers it thinks you might like. It takes its cues from your activity on the app. Bearing that in mind, think carefully about the types of accounts you follow because Instagram will show you more like them.

Ask yourself, “Would I be happy to see more content like this, even from other accounts?”. And, “Is this in line with my goals for my Instagram account?”. If the answers to these questions are “no”, don’t follow that account. But if you answered “yes”, hit the Follow button.

Of course, don’t take yourself too seriously. Following someone on Instagram isn’t a permanent decision. You can always change your mind and unfollow them by hitting the Unfollow button where the Follow button used to be.

You may also decide to part ways with any accounts you follow if they start posting content you’re not into or if they stop posting altogether. Whatever the reason, you’re not obligated to continue following any account you no longer want to.

Grow Your Network on Instagram

We always hear about what you should do to grow your Instagram following, but people rarely talk about how to grow your Instagram network. The primary way to achieve that is by following accounts, but the trick is following accounts you’re really interested in.

If you follow like-minded people or creators in your niche, chances are they’ll follow you back. And before you know it, your Instagram account will begin to grow!

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