How to Fix the “Some of Your Accounts Require Attention” Error in Windows 10 & 11

If Windows seems to have an issue with your accounts, here’s how to fix it.

Using the same Microsoft account across multiple devices is a simple way to keep your preferences in sync. However, you may encounter the “Some of your accounts require attention” error.

While you can still keep using your computer without any problem, there are a few quick ways to get rid of the error. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Verify Your Microsoft Account

Sometimes, Windows will display the “Some of your accounts require attention” error if you haven’t verified your Microsoft account. To check if your account is verified, launch Windows Settings and go to Accounts > Your info.

There, Windows might display the Verify your identity to sync passwords across your devices message. Click the Verify button and go through the on-screen instructions.

Verify Microsoft account

If you’ve already verified your Microsoft account, try to reconnect it.

2. Turn Off Shared Experiences

In Windows, the Shared Experiences feature is designed so you can quickly share files with nearby devices. However, this feature may be the one causing the “Some of your accounts require attention” error. If you prefer other ways to share files between your transfer, you can turn off Shared experiences to fix the problem.

Press Win + I to launch Settings and go to Apps >Apps & features. There, expand the Share across experiences menu and select Off.

Turn off Shared Experiences in Windows

Restart your computer and check if the problem is now fixed.

3. Create a New Account

If you still get the “Some of your accounts require attention” message after turning off Shared Experiences, you should create a new account. Also, it might help if you create a local account, so you, or another person, don’t accidentally change your system settings.

4. Remove Trusted Devices

You might get the “Some of your accounts require attention” message if there’s an issue with one of your trusted devices. In this case, you should log in to your Microsoft account and disconnect the trusted devices.

Then, you can reconnect them one by one and check which one of them is causing the problem.

5.Log In Using a Password

Many people prefer signing in using PIN as a login mechanism as it’s quite fast and still keeps their computer secure. However, using PIN as the set login mechanism might cause different problems, including the “Some of your accounts require attention” error. In this case, you can try logging in using a password.

Windows log in settings

Open Windows Settings and go to Accounts > Sign-in Options. There, click PIN (Windows Hello) and select Remove.

Fix the Account Attention Error With Ease

By now you should’ve got rid of the issue. Usually, the “Some of your accounts require attention” error is linked to the Shared Experience feature. The good news is that you can still transfer files between your devices even if you turn off Shared Experiences on your computer.

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