How to Create a Call Link on WhatsApp

With everyone being so busy on any given day, it’s not easy to get someone to answer a WhatsApp call—not to mention group calls. In the past, if you weren’t able to join a call on time, you had to call someone back, wait for the person to call you back, or align on a suitable time.

But it’s now easier to do that. WhatsApp has rolled out call links, which allow users to join an ongoing call. Here’s all you need to know about creating a call link on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp call links are exactly what they sound like. They’re links that users can create for others to join a call. People can join calls at the beginning or while they’re ongoing.

It works similarly to creating a call link for FaceTime, and it’s just as simple to do. WhatsApp call links remove the pressure of joining a call when you’re busy. Instead, you can join a few moments later when you’re free.

It also means that only people relevant to a conversation can be on a call at any given time. For instance, in a group call, several topics might be discussed that aren’t relevant to all participants. In a situation like this, users can join a call only when they’re needed, or when they can benefit from or contribute to the conversation.

If the idea of using new app features intimidates you, don’t worry. Creating WhatsApp call links is easy and anyone can do it. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.
  2. Tap the Calls button.
  3. Now tap Create Call Link.
  4. Select Call Type and choose between a voice call or a video call.
  5. Now tap either Share Link or Copy Link. If you go with Share Link, you can choose anyone on your WhatsApp contact list to send it to by simply searching for their name in the Search bar. If you opt to go with the Copy Link option, you’ll have to paste the link into your chat with them on a different platform or via email.

That’s it. Now all you have to do is start the call and wait for the person or people you’ve invited to join. Joining a call is as simple as tapping Join Call below the link, and then the Join button on the call preview.

There’s no signing-in required, like on other platforms for conference calls, such as Zoom and Skype. It makes it quicker and easier to join a conversation, especially when joining late.

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Some WhatsApp users might not be familiar with call links, so it’s best to let them know beforehand that you’ll be sending them a call link, what it’s for, and how to join a call using one.

Of course, don’t neglect to tell them what time they’ll need to join the call and approximately how long the call might last. This will help them to clear their schedule instead of letting your call go unanswered because they’re busy.

Likewise, if you’ve invited people to a WhatsApp video call, let them know in advance so that they can prepare accordingly.

Finally, only share your call link with people you know and trust. For instance, don’t share it publicly on your WhatsApp status or on your Stories on other social media platforms. This is to avoid bad actors and strangers from joining your call, which could disrupt it and make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Calls Made Easier on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great app to connect with loved ones. And it’s become even easier to catch up using WhatsApp’s Call Links feature.

Start connecting with your mates and relatives without putting pressure on them to answer when they can’t. Send them call links, so they can hop on a call when they’re available to chat.

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