Get Amazon’s New Kindle for $85 This Black Friday, Enjoy Best Prices for All Models

Kindle prices are dropping left and right this Black Friday, so get your own now!

Black Friday is bringing us the best prices we’ve ever seen for Kindle e-readers! There are multiple models available and all of them have the best price, lower than what we’ve seen for Prime Day or the Prime Early Access Sale. You’ll end up saving up to 34%, depending on which Kindle you want to get.

Kindle 2022

Amazon Kindle (2022)

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Kindle 2022 is the newest Kindle model, having been launched earlier this year. It comes with a backlight, a great reading experience, and enough space for all your books.The Kindle 2022 is now at its lowest price ever, dropping to $84.99, which is a 15% discount. In the end, you’re saving $15, which can go to a different gift for yourself.


300 ppi



Front Light
4 LEDs

10 weeks

5.56 oz

6.2 x 4.3 x 0.32 inch

This particular Kindle model comes with 16GB of storage space, but that should be enough, considering how tiny most ebooks are. It has adjustable warm light and the battery life of this device is of about ten weeks. Basically, you’ll forget when’s the last time you charged it. It’s not just ebooks you can read, but you can also listen to audio books if you have an Audible subscription and hook up some Bluetooth headphones. If you want to get some headphones too, we have a great list of Black Friday deals for headphones and earbuds.

There are quite a few Kindle models out there. From the newest Kindle 2022 that’s a bit more compact than previous models, to Kindle Kids, which includes access to thousands of books and features a really cute kid-friendly cover. Plus, the Kids version also features a vocabulary builder and Word Wise to help young readers discover more words and learn what they mean. Also, these new models are also all waterproof, so that’s one less worry on your list. Kindle for kids also comes with a 2-year warranty so if it breaks, they’ll just replace it for free. Considering children will be handling it, that’s a pretty great guarantee to have from Amazon.

So, save up on a new Kindle e-reader this year, enjoy the best prices we’ve ever seen for these devices, and you may even want to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited to get access to over 3 million books, audiobooks, subscriptions, and more.

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