Ensure Your Data Remains Private This Black Friday With Incogni

Are you ready to take back your privacy? We know just how much the notion of “privacy” has changed over the past couple of decades with the rise of the internet and then social media.

We all overshare with the world, but it’s the data that we don’t even know is being collected about us that can be really damaging. Information about our likes and dislikes, things we’re going through, medical problems, financial issues, and so on, is being collected on us, analyzed, and sold to advertisers and other companies by data brokers.

Getting all this data removed from the internet is possible, but doing it alone can be difficult. Incogni, however, can do it for you, protecting your privacy for you.


Get the Incogni Black Friday Deal

Incogni’s subscriptions are now cheaper, thanks to Black Friday. You have until December 4th to get your plan with a massive discount!

  • Incogni Annual Plan: Get it for $55.58 or $4.63/month

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Why You Need Incogni

No matter how private you try to be online with what you post, there are things that are collected about you without your express agreement. The cookies you agree to be placed on your devices work as trackers. Companies know what you’re clicking, what you’re watching, what you’re reading, what made you stop, what made you scroll by, and so on.

It is information that you may think has no impact on you, but it actually can. This type of data is collected “anonymously,” but it can still be tracked back to you. Data brokers end up analyzing everything and then selling out the info to various companies.

Some of those companies could be health insurance businesses that may know you’ve been researching various symptoms, so you may end up with higher rates.

Or they may sell that information to scammers who can then use all that info to impersonate you, steal your identity, and more. Either way, it can’t be good.

Incogni will approach hundreds of data brokers in your name and get your information removed. Then, they’ll make sure that any information they collect on you gets removed as soon as possible. Doing this yourself can be super time-consuming, so if someone can do it for you, that’s even better.

Don’t Miss the Biggest Deal

With 60% off, this is the best deal you can get on Incogni, so you should definitely set up an account and subscribe to the service.

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