Easily Edit PDFs Wherever You Are on PC or Mobile With UPDF

Editing a PDF may be a one-time thing for some, but for others, it makes up a large part of their working week. And, with loads of PDF editors to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one to cover all of your needs.

Some PDF editors, for example, only allow you to read PDFs for free. Then, when it comes to editing, you’ll need to pay a premium. But, that’s not where the costs end; there’s extra to pay for filling and signing, converting, organizing, and so on.

UPDF by Superace Software is a free-to-download PDF editor that encapsulates all the tasks you need to complete in one handy package.

Why Choose UPDF?

UPDF offers both a desktop and mobile app, making it easy to access and edit PDFs from wherever you are. And, unlike some PDF editors, UPDF allows you to view, annotate, edit, convert, and organize PDFs from one handy app on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Plus, once you sign up, you’ll get full access to UPDF on all platforms, so you can enjoy an ad-free experience on desktop and mobile.

How to Edit PDF With UPDF

UPDF’s powerful PDF editor means you can edit text, images, and links in any PDF document. You can remove any content that’s not needed, as well as identify formatting, font style, font size, and more by simply clicking on a piece of text.

If there are any images within your PDF document, you can rope in UPDF’s help to crop, extract, replace, and delete your images. This includes setting a fixed width and height to resize your images so you don’t have to leave the PDF editor to perform this task elsewhere.

As well as many other features, you can also apply a watermark to your PDF. Choose from text, image, or PDF to add a watermark to your PDF document with ease.

How to Organize PDF Pages With UPDF

Once a PDF has been created, it can be really difficult to reorganize parts of the content. With UPDF, you can easily add, delete, rotate, replace, extract, and rearrange PDF pages.

Want to add a blank page to paste new content to? Want to combine PDF by inserting files? Need to rotate pages so they read correctly? Whatever you need to do, UPDF can help you effortlessly.

Annotate PDF With Ease

If you’re sharing a PDF with other people or colleagues, it’s really useful to be able to annotate your document for others to easily see.

With UPDF, you can add comments to PDFs, highlight text, add sticky notes, stickers, and include signature boxes for handwritten or electronic signatures.

Once you’re done, you can share your annotated PDF with others easily via a link. You can set expiration time and restrict access to view, copy, download, or print the PDF.

Convert PDF With OCR

Using AI-powered OCR technology, UPDF can recognize text in more than 40 languages from image-based or scanned documents.

You can easily convert your PDFs into popular formats and edit them in applications like Word and Excel. Alternatively, you can convert PDF files to image files like PNG, JPEG, and more.

No matter what you need to convert your PDF file into, UPDF is on hand to make the process simple and quick.

Your Document Manager on the Go

While UPDF’s desktop app is incredibly comprehensive, its mobile app for iOS is just as useful, especially for those working on the go.

UPDF for iOS supports a wealth of different file formats, meaning you can open .doc, .ppt, .html, .jpg, and more wherever you are, on your smartphone.

Need to sign a document but aren’t on your laptop or PC? Not a problem! With UPDF’s mobile app, you can sign PDFs from your iPhone or iPad so you don’t get bogged down with additional workloads when you’re back in the office.

Using your smartphone, you can take photos of documents, receipts, invoices, and more, and quickly scan them to UPDF to create a PDF file in seconds. Plus, UPDF supports Face ID and password access, so only you can access your secure files from the app.

An Affordable PDF Editor You Cannot Miss

As well as offering an intuitive interface that’s fast and secure for desktop and mobile, UPDF is an affordable PDF editor that can go with you anywhere. You can free download UPDF on your Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. From just $29.99 per year, or $2.49 per month (billed annually), or a perpetual plan at $49.99, you’ll get full access to UPDF on any supported platform, as well as unlimited document processing, no ads, and no filesize limits.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get free updates and upgrades to the app, and access to customer support should you need it. Plus, UPDF is offering 40% off to MUO readers from this UPDF exclusive offer page.

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