Dadish 3 Review – A Pleasant Platforming Pickle

There are moments in Dadish 3 when you remember why you love platform games. Slick little sections where you bounce through danger, a glorious synergy between thumbs and anthropomorphic digital vegetable. And while it isn’t perfect, there are enough of those perfect, nostalgic pulls, to make it worth your while.

The game sees you chasing after your kidnapped radish children for the third time. This time they’ve set off on a mysterious school trip to a soup factory. Cue leaping through 50 levels of tricksy, satisfying platforming action.

You’ve got simple controls to manipulate your way through the various challenges – buttons to move left and right, a jump button that grants you a double leap with two presses. There are various bounce-pads and flippers that can give you extra air in certain situations as well.

There are plenty of spikes to get past, as well as a variety of enemies. Hot dog monsters throw sausages at you, ice cream beasts detach their heads to make passage tricky. Touch any of them and you die and get dropped back at the start of the level, or a checkpoint on some of the trickier, longer levels.

Everything here is neatly bite-sized. Levels last a few minutes at most, and the pattern-recognition boss fights are short enough that you don’t get bored of the repetition. There’s heart too, and each time you rescue a radish-child you’re given a slice of cheeky conversation that’ll raise a chuckle.

Dadish 3 aims for a specific niche of the platforming genre, and it hits it square on. It’s just challenging enough not to be a walk in the park, and its bright and breezy stylings make sure everything is fun. It won’t change your mind about platformers, but it will infuse you with some brief moments of glee, and that’s no bad thing.

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