Bluetti Black Friday Deals: Save Up to $1200

Black Friday is here early to deliver some absolutely stunning deals for the Bluetti portable power stations. Portable power stations are a must-have these days, as the power grids aren’t always ready to take on all the weight of the appliances, AC, heating, and so on, depending on the season.

Since you never really know when the power will be out, a power station that’s at 100% or near to it, will help keep your appliances going, your computer running, and your heating on.

Bluetti Black Friday Surprises

Before we get on to which items are going to be available for sale and what the discounts are, we have to dive into something else: the surprises Bluetti has prepared for buyers.

Kicking off on November 11th, 2022, the event features Mystery Boxes and Exclusive Giveaways, as well as some Lucky Draws.

Shoppers who choose to buy off the Bluetti official store between November 11th and November 29th will enter a lucky draw for special prizes. What can you win? Well, EB3A, PS70, AC50S solar generator, coupons of $50-$100, or Bluetti gifts.

There are also some mystery boxes available, namely the Basic, Pro, and Premium. If you buy one of these boxes, you’ll get a random portable generator. By spending $199, for instance, you could end up with a $900 solar generator.

Get Some Bluetti Gear for Black Friday

Once more, Bluetti’s Black Friday event starts on November 11th at 00:00 PTD and ends on November 29th, at 23:59 PDT.

Here are the products you’ll be able to get for a great price.

AC500 & B300S

bluetti ac500 kitchen

Released on Indiegogo in September, this fabulous pair managed to attract $11 million in funding by the end of October. The AC500 is a modular power station that can be paired with B300S or B300 expansion battery, mounting up to a massive 18,432Wh with six B300S. Even better, if you use a Fuse Box from Bluetti, you can pair two of these AC500s and double the capacity, voltage, and power, reaching an amazing 36,864Wh. That’s enough power for about two weeks!

In terms of output and input, the AC500 is above its predecessor, the AC300. The power station allows a continuous power of 5,000W and a surge of 10,000W, which means it can easily charge most of your high-powered appliances.

When it comes to recharging the power station, you can use any combination you want, including wall outlets and solar panels. Coupled with compatible solar panels, this system can give you independence from the power grid.

If you want to take the power station with you, charging it won’t take long, and you can be out the door in a little over an hour, although it does depend on the power source you’re using. Relying on solar panels alone can push the charging time to two and a half hours.

The AC500 and B300S systems start at $4,499, down from $5,099, so you’ll be saving $600.

AC300 and B300


Next up is AC500’s predecessor, the AC300, a power station we absolutely loved here at MUO. This one features a 3000W inverter and comes with 16 different outlets, so you can plug in all your home appliances that need to stay on. You can connect up to four B300 expansion batteries, for a massive capacity of 12,288Wh, which is enough to power up a home for about six days.

This way, you can ensure that in case of a power outage your refrigerator is on and your food doesn’t go bad. Plus, you can easily run the washing machine if you run out of shirts and socks. You can run a refrigerator for close to four hours and a washer for over five hours, although if you use solar panels to charge the power station, you’ll get even more life out of it.

The AC300 and B300 from Bluetti will hold down the fort until the power grid is back to normal. The price for the AC300 and B300 starts at $2,999, down from $3,699, saving up $700.

AC200MAX and B230


Also included in the Black Friday event are the AC200MAX and B230. This particular setup comes with a 2048Wh battery and a 2200W inverter. You can add extra B300 or B230 batteries if you want to have more power, with the max capacity that can be reached standing at 6144Wh.

You can plug in up to 16 appliances or devices, as it features various outlets, including USBs to AC.

The AC200MAX and B230 price starts at $2,799 for Black Friday, down from $3,298, saving you $499.



If you want the AC200P, you should know that it comes with a 200Wh LiFePO4 battery, a 2000W AC inverter, and a maximum capability of 4800W.

You can easily add B230 or B300 batteries to this particular power station, expanding that capacity and thus the time you can spend off-grid. The AC200P features 17 outputs for multiple devices, and there are about seven different ways you can recharge this one, including AC, solar, in your car, with a generator, and more.

The AC200P is available for Black Friday for $1,299, down from $1,698, saving you $400.

EP500 and EP500Pro


Another cool option you have this Black Friday at Bluetti is the EP500 or the upgraded EP500Pro. These boast 5,100Wh, a massive capacity. Since this is also a fairly massive power station, how can you move it around? Well, thankfully, it comes on wheels. This one may not be as easy to take with you at the beach, but it can certainly serve you at home.

The EP500 is available for $4,399, down from $4,999, saving you $600. Also, the EP500Pro’s price starts at $4,799, which is a massive $1,200 less than the $5,999 usual price.



If you want a portable power station to take with you to the beach, then the EB3A is just perfect. Weighing just 10 pounds, the EB3A is a lightweight option you can carry with you anywhere. It supplies 600W power and can handle up to a 1,200W surge.

You can charge this one from an AC outlet or with a set of solar panels, with a full charge taking less than two hours.

Buy EB3A starting at $209, down from its usual $299, so you end up saving $90.


bluetti eb55 beach picnic

Another tiny power station you can take with you anywhere is Bluetti’s EB55. Peaking at 1400W and with an output of 700W AC, it has 13 output options, which is impressive for a device this small. You can charge this one up from an AC outlet or with solar panels if you want more mobility.

Buy EB55 for $399, down from $499, and save $100.


bluetti eb70s camping

Also great for outings, the EB70S can power up to 12 devices at the same time, whether we’re talking about a 75W TV or a 90W mini fridge. It’s a compact option that’s super easy to carry around. Pair it up with some solar panels, and you get a great solution for any camping trip you may go on.

Get EB70S for $499, down from $599, and save $100 this Black Friday.

Fantastic Black Friday Deals

There you have it! It’s a fabulous time to grab the power station you’ve been putting off as you get to save quite a bit of money over this Black Friday with Bluetti.

Plus, don’t forget about those awesome surprises Bluetti has in the shape of giveaways, mystery boxes, and lucky draws.

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