A Deep Dive Into FIIT Fitness App

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a method of working out that involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by low-intensity recovery periods. It’s one of the best and most popular forms of cardio exercise, and there are so many ways to get active using this method that a training program can be helpful to guide you.

If you can’t get to a gym or work out with a personal trainer, apps can provide excellent guidance to ensure you get the most out of your training time. FIIT is one of the leading HIIT-based apps available, and here’s how to use it on your own fitness journey.

What Is FIIT?

FIIT is a fitness app that delivers a series of motivating fitness classes from expert instructors. It offers users three different studios: Cardio, Strength, and Rebalance. Within this, you’ll find a really varied series of activities, from combat cardio to yoga and breathwork.

Because of the numerous live classes and a constantly expanding catalog of workouts, you’ll always find new challenges. Many exercises need no fitness equipment, just a two-meter square space. This makes FIIT great for home workouts or for when you’re on the move.

Download: FIIT for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

FIIT’s Home screen doesn’t offer an introductory program or recommend beginner’s workouts like many similar apps. Instead, FIIT invites you to start a training plan, join group classes, take on a challenge, or select from their latest workout additions. It’s a little overwhelming for newcomers.

Therefore, a little time spent in the Tutorials section is recommended. Here, you’ll find an app tour and several Learn the Moves video tutorials. In this short video series, instructors explain how to do glute bridges, goblet squats, Romanian deadlifts, and more.

To choose a single class, head over to the Classes tab, where you’ll find all the workouts. The extensive list includes cardio and strength categories and options that require equipment, such as dumbbell, kettlebell, air bike, and rowing sections. The FIIT store allows you to purchase exercise equipment right from the app.

In the Recover section, you’ll find yoga, pilates, stretching, and breathwork.

Use the filters to choose the perfect workout by selecting duration, discipline, class level, target body area, and instructor.

The FIIT Workout Experience

The workouts are uniformly excellent, with enthusiastic trainers who describe the moves clearly. A progress bar across the base of the screen allows you to see exactly which stage you’re at within the program – and when your next break is coming up! Music accompanies each workout, and there are numerous FIIT Spotify playlists to help power you along.

You can also try these HIIT apps for a quick workout session and compare the experience to FIIT.

The FIIT website claims that you can “use FIIT on every device,” which is true. As well as the dedicated apps for Apple and Android users, you can download FIIT on all of the major TV app stores, such as Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV. You can even access the platform via the FIIT web browser.

The TV experience is similar to Apple Fitness+ but without any of the platform limitations.

Track Your Training and Earn FIIT Points

Another exclusive feature FIIT offers is compatibility with virtually every available fitness tracker. Check the FIIT Compatible Trackers website to see whether your model is supported. Here are some of the best Apple Watch workout apps.

With your tracker enabled, you’ll be able to track your heart rate, calories burned, and reps in your strength training. You can record all your personal bests.

Even better, tracking your workouts means that each time you exercise, you earn FIIT points based on the effort you make in each class. You can even pit your skills against other FIIT users in live leaderboard classes, motivating you to push that little bit harder.

Take On FIIT Challenges and Training Plans

Once you’ve got to grips with FIIT training, you’ll be ready to take on a more extended challenge. FIIT offers a series of training plans for you to work through at your own pace. Lose weight, build muscle, or work on your flexibility. You’ll find a great set of postnatal plans included here. Choose carefully, as you can only select one training plan at a time.

You’ll also find live challenges, which you work through alongside other members of the FIIT community. Measure your progress in FIIT points and win discounts in the FIIT shop as a reward for success.

Joining a community is one of the major attractions of a FIIT subscription for many. Participate in any of the 60 live classes daily, and invite your friends – FIIT friends or real-life friends – to join you. You can also take on challenges with others. There are FIIT social media groups where you can find a workout buddy.

Working out with others keeps you accountable, just as if you were in a gym class, without the need to join a gym. And here are some other workout options if you hate the gym. The community aspect of FIIT is such a top feature that there’s now a FIIT Business platform designed especially for work teams.

What Are the Options for Subscribing to FIIT?

After your free trial, you’ll need to select the best membership option. There are two options: Only and Unlimited,

Only offers a limited number of features but does include all of the training plans and Apple and Google Health integration. If you just want to get some inspiration for your workouts, and you own an Apple or Google fitness tracker, Only might suit your needs.

Unlimited, as the title suggests, offers every feature described here. You’ll need to subscribe to this tier to gain access to the whole catalog and benefit from the community challenges and workout classes. And an Unlimited subscription is essential if you’re serious about tracking your performance exercise metrics, or if you have an exercise tracker that’s not dependent on Apple or Google.

Therefore, look out for the regular special offers for FIIT Unlimited, and check out different platforms in case of specific promotions. For example, an extra discount is available via Samsung Smart TV at the time of writing.

Challenge Yourself With HIIT From FIIT

There are so many options for keeping fit and staying motivated with FIIT that you’ll never be short of a challenge. HIIT will help your cardio health and strength and support your mental health and well-being.

Best of all, you can exercise with no specialist gym equipment. However, even more HIIT options are available if you invest in a smart exercise bike, rowing machine, or treadmill.

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