9 Tools and Tips to Have a Safe and Healthy Halloween

For many kids, Halloween means dressing up in a spooky costume and going door to door collecting bags full of candy. Meanwhile, for adults, it might mean a Halloween bash with food and drinks that aren’t shy on sugar and fat.

Because it’s so easy to overdo it during your Halloween celebrations, it’s important that you make healthier choices to avoid sugar headaches and keep up your health goals. Here are a few simple but effective steps to take to help you and your kids stay on the wellness path this Halloween.

1. Monitor Kids While They Trick-or-Treat | Family Locator

Most kids love nothing more than spending Halloween night with their friends, wearing their scariest costumes, knocking on doors, and requesting candy. However, if you’re a parent, you need to ensure that they remain safe and sound at all times.

The Family Locator app can help you stay connected to your child using the GPS on their mobile phone. In addition to tracking, you can use the app to create a safe zone where your child can go trick-or-treating. So if they ever leave the safe zone you’ll immediately receive an alert.

Download: Family Locator for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Prepare for Carrying Goodie Bags | StrongLifts

Until your kids are older, you should always go trick-or-treating with them. But when they’re tired and grumpy from all the sugar, you’ll likely be the one carrying all the goodie bags. Make sure you’re prepared for this feat of endurance and use the StrongLifts strength training app to boost your muscle gains.

The app is simple, yet highly customizable. You can change just about everything from the weight, sets, reps, and increments to the exercises and order of the workout. Moreover, you can track your training progress to monitor your improvement.

Download: StrongLifts for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

3. Eat a Healthy Dinner Before | FitMenCook

Before anyone runs out the door to collect buckets full of candy, make a point to eat a healthy and filling dinner. Trick-or-treating on an empty stomach will only result in kids overeating sweet treats.

FitMenCook is a fantastic app as it can help you easily find practical recipes that suit your specific preferences, whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly, low-fat, or quick and easy. Each recipe features a list of basic steps, nutritional facts, and a button to add the ingredients to the app’s built-in shopping list.

Download: FitMenCook for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

4. Count Your Steps While Trick-or-Treating | Step Counter

While you’re out and about trick-or-treating, why not count your steps simultaneously? Counting your steps is the ideal way to stick to your daily goals and even motivate you on your weight loss journey. Step Counter, an app from Leap Fitness, automatically counts your steps using its built-in sensor.

Based on your step count, the app then creates a report where you can track your calories, time, and total walking distance. Additionally, as you walk, you can collect various badges and unlock new levels.

Download: Step Counter for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Teach Kids About Making Healthy Choices | Foodvisor

Sure, you can ban your kids from eating too many sweet treats, but do they know why these foods are bad? Foodvisor can level up your kids’ nutritional knowledge with its daily food journal.

Let the little ones scan the barcode on the items in their candy horde to find out the total calories, proteins, fat, carbs, fibers, and vitamins. Also, the app includes a rating for each food item with healthy items presenting a smiley face and bad ones presenting an unhappy face.

Download: Foodvisor for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

6. Hand Out Healthy Treats | HealthNut Nutrition

Halloween is a balancing act, so don’t completely prohibit candy, rather incorporate healthy alternatives with the unhealthy ones. Kids are sure to refuse items such as veggies and fruit. However, they won’t even know they’re eating something healthy if you follow HealthNut Nutrition’s copycat Halloween treat recipes.

The video demonstrates how to healthify your favorite Halloween candy, including Twix chocolate bars, ROLO chocolates, and Gummy Bears. You can find tons of healthy recipes, hacks, and meal prep videos on the HealthNut Nutrition YouTube channel, too.

7. Host a Sugar-Free Halloween Party | Sugar-Free Mom

For those who are hosting their own Halloween party this year, steer clear of sugar-filled snacks. Visit the Sugar-Free Mom blog if you need help finding some delicious spooky eats this year that are completely sugar-free!

A couple of must-try treats include blueberries and cream mummy cookies and witches finger cookies. Besides the themed recipes, the blog boasts a massive collection of mouth-watering dishes that you can serve at your Halloween celebration, as well as interesting courses and challenges.

8. Brush Before Bed | Brush Monster

At the end of the day, there’s little chance you’ll completely avoid eating sugary treats on Halloween. Still, you and the little ones can still protect your teeth from cavities. So turn tooth-brushing into a fun activity with the Brush Monster tooth-brushing app.

The app uses augmented reality (AR) so that kids can follow the interactive guide as they brush. After brushing, they’ll be rewarded with stickers that they can collect daily. Plus, if you have a smart toothbrush, you can sync it with the app to keep track of your brushing data.

Download: Brush Monster for iOS | Android (Free)

9. Remember to Have a Well-Rested Night | Slumber

Winding down after a busy day of trick-or-treating is incredibly important. The bad news is that too much candy can cause insomnia and restless sleep. Slumber is an app that can soothe you to sleep in just a few short minutes with its variety of sleepy stories, meditations, and sounds.

Moreover, there’s even a special section for children’s stories. To help you switch off, there’s a collection of Halloween stories that feature zero jump scares and won’t leave you frightened. You can even add additional background sounds, like rustling leaves, birds, and rain.

Download: Slumber for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Make Your Halloween Scream Healthy With These Tips

Halloween is mostly about costume-clad kids bringing home bags full of candy, but if you’re not careful, it can be bad for your well-being. With some planning, these simple steps can help you feel a little better after a night of too many snacks.

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