8 Electrifying Online HIIT Classes to Squeeze in an Intense Workout

If you lack time for long workout sessions but still want to squeeze in some effective exercises, then it’s time for you to try HIIT. HIIT, which stands for high-intensity interval training, is a workout style that can get you seriously sweaty. In simple terms, it consists of short bursts of intense exercise and then a brief recovery.

HIIT is so popular because of its amazing advantages, like burning a ton of calories in a short amount of time. It’s the perfect at-home exercise, too, so try these online HIIT classes to feel the burn and start seeing results.

Glo’s platform features thousands of online on-demand workout classes as well as regular live classes. Furthermore, there is a Glo mobile app available to download for both iOS and Android. Among the workout classes is a range of lively HIIT classes that vary in intensity, duration, and level.

These classes are led by different world-class certified teachers, including Khetanya Henderson and Jeni DelPozo. Apart from HIIT workout routines and classes, Glo offers a handful of additional workout styles, including online Pilates classes and online yoga classes.

If you’re looking for the ultimate workout platform with a wide variety of options, including HIIT, try LES MILLS! These HIIT workouts are divided into four categories: SPRINT, GRIT Strength, GRIT Athletic, and GRIT Cardio. SPRINT, for example, is a HIIT workout using an indoor bike, while GRIT Athletic uses multidimensional sports training.

Start by trying the 30-day free trial, where you can exercise using your laptop or tablet. Or you can simply download the LES MILLS mobile app to access all the workouts on the go. LES MILLS provides something for everyone, from indoor cycling workouts and guided meditation sessions to kid-friendly exercise classes.

HIIT is an excellent workout style to do from home and Group HIIT marks it even better with easy-to-follow steps and movements. The Group HIIT online platform provides workout classes that you can watch on any device, including your TV, computer, or phone.

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial, which gives you access to tons of workout programs that you can try out first before committing to anything. The 30-Day HIIT Challenge and Spark Fit 6 Week HIIT for Beginners are just a few of the must-try programs.

Group HIIT’s individual workout classes are categorized by body target, equipment, time, level, and ratings. Moreover, there are family-friendly exercise classes and workout classes targeted toward older adults. The videos do not include unnecessary sounds or music, so you can play your own motivational workout playlist if you wish.

Gymbox promises to give you the sweatiest workout session of your life with its online platform, Out The Box! The service’s on-demand classes are incredibly unique, and you’re bound to find a class you’ve never heard of before. Some of them include HIIT/LITT running sessions with Track Mafia and Escalate with Sofia, which comprises HIIT, sprints, and circuits.

The great thing about Gymbox is that they upload fresh new exercise classes every week. The HIIT classes offer a fun atmosphere that makes it seem like you’re in a club getting your fitness on. If you’d prefer to take a HIIT class in person, there are Gymbox gyms located around London.

If you’re looking for workout variety, Obe’s online platform could be the perfect fit for you. What’s more, Obe offers a free trial so that you can try it out before you choose to subscribe. Live classes streaming throughout the day are available for you to attend. Therefore, to plan your workout week, all you have to do is check the schedule and find a live HIIT class.

If live classes aren’t your thing, there are over 8,000 on-demand classes available! To find a HIIT class that is right for you, you can simply filter your search based on class type, length, fitness level, and even type of music.

Are you ready to bring the gym into your living room? Fiit is an awesome, highly-rated workout platform, whether you’re using the browser version or the mobile app. The classes range from postnatal HIIT workout classes to high-intensity cardio classes.

You can follow the communal group leaderboard to track your progress and stay motivated. Fiit also offers a selection of innovative exercise equipment, such as the Fiit Tracker, which is a wearable device that tracks your calories, heart rate, movement, and performance.

Staying fit at home is simpler than ever with Fhitting Room’s live and on-demand classes. Fhitting Room firmly believes that their HIIT and strength-focused workouts are all you need to see fantastic benefits in your life.

To feel like you’re in a real gym environment, join a live class using Zoom. If you’d prefer one-on-one time, you can book a virtual private live class. The live classes range from bodyweight strength and conditioning classes to workouts that solely target your abs and core.

On the other hand, the on-demand library of HIIT classes is vast, with the option to download classes for later using the Fhitting Room On Demand app. With locations on the Upper West Side and Flatiron in New York City, you can even take a Fhitting Room class in-studio!

Boxing is a fantastic form of HIIT, as both have similar styles and levels of intensity. Rumble Boxing is in an entirely different class compared to regular boxing classes, combining boxing drills and strength training to create a form of HIIT. Their style of boxing focuses on six important punches: jab, cross, front and back hooks, and front and back uppercuts.

Rumble Boxing boasts a live schedule full of classes like HIIT circuit sessions, boxing and HIIT, spinning, barre, and even hot yoga. The on-demand classes are split up into various categories based on the equipment you have on hand as well as the class duration and trainer.

Get Your Fitness Fix With These Lively Online HIIT Classes

HIIT is a fun, engaging, and sweat-inducing exercise style that guarantees a great workout. Plus, it’s perfect if you have little time to work out or go to the gym. Now is the time to become the ultimate king or queen of HIIT workouts without leaving the comfort of your home. Simply select your digital device of choice, sign up for a free trial or two, and tune into these online HIIT workout classes.

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