7 Ways to Get Rid of an Infinite Backlog of Video Games

We all have a backlog of games that we swear we’ll finish someday. But the problem comes when we keep adding games to it while being fully aware that we don’t have the time to complete them. Soon enough, we’re dealing with an infinite backlog, and there are no signs that it will stop growing any time soon.

Are you in a similar situation? While it’s not easy, you can make that infinite backlog more finite. Here are seven ways to do that.

1. Don’t Buy More Games

Whatever you do, you should not feed the infinite backlog monster any more than you already have. This can be hard, considering there’s always a sale going on somewhere online like the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, and Steam. Not to mention those enticing auctions and bundles for physical games on eBay.

Unless you absolutely plan to play the game right away and finish it, you shouldn’t buy it and tell yourself, “I will finish this later.”

2. Quit Playing a Game You Don’t Enjoy

A big part of reducing the infinite backlog is to accept that you won’t be able to beat every game on your list. Luckily, some games make this easy on you by being a slog to get through, which can make you lose motivation in finishing it. For the sake of getting rid of the infinite backlog, quit playing that game and focus on something you will actually not want to put down.

3. Consult a Walkthrough

the witness walkthrough on the IGN website

Many people consider consulting a walkthrough a form of cheating. But If you’re 100% stuck in a game and need to keep it moving, there’s no shame in pulling up a guide for a bit of help.

A walkthrough can also come in handy if you’re the type of person who likes finding every piece of loot or collectible after beating the main quest. A guide can save you hours in scouring the map for that 100% completion achievement or trophy.

4. 100% Completion Is Not a Must

Trophy cabinet in PlayStation wrap-up.

Speaking of 100% completion, if you have a ton of games to finish, maybe you shouldn’t put it as a priority. Once you beat the main quest and a few side quests, consider moving on to the next game on the list. You can always come back to the game later and slowly work your way toward beating it completely.

5. Play Some of Your Games on an Easier Difficulty

Some games can be challenging, even when put on normal difficulty. But a difficult game will take more time to complete because you’ll die a lot. If possible, consider playing your video games on an easier difficulty for the sake of blazing through it to minimize your backlog.

Some games even have a difficulty setting called “Story Mode” where the game basically plays itself. And even if you finish the game in this mode, you can still feel a sense of accomplishment because that still counts as beating it.

6. Schedule Time for Gaming

We do not recommend you call in sick just to spend a couple of days playing video games. However, we do recommend using those vacation days to tackle your infinite backlog. And while spending time with friends and family during the weekends is important, try carving out a couple of hours to manage that infinite backlog as well.

7. Consider Gaming on the Go

A person playing their Nintendo Switch in handheld mode

You can also make time for gaming on your commute to and from work or during your lunch break if you own a handheld like a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. And if your phone is capable, you can use remote play on PlayStation 5 or Xbox to continue gaming on the go.

Make Your Infinite Backlog of Video Games Finite

If your heart aches every time you look at your growing backlog of video games, you need to get a handle on it immediately. You might be missing out on some fun experiences because you keep saving the games for later.

If you follow these tips, you should manage to get rid of that infinite backlog. And maybe one day when you’re thinking of purchasing a game, you will say, “I will play this now,” because you actually have nothing else to play.

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