7 Reasons You Should Buy Apple AirTags

If you’re an iPhone user, Apple’s AirTag is a tailor-made option to help track your items. Whether it’s keys, a bag, or something else, the item tracker takes the best of Apple software and hardware design to provide a great solution.

Here are some reasons why you should buy Apple’s AirTags.

1. Harness the Power of Apple’s Find My Network

Sure, when you need to find an AirTag, you can easily do so using one of your available devices like an iPhone. It’s quick and easy—if your AirTag is somewhat nearby. You can just follow the sound from the AirTag’s built-in speaker to track down your misplaced item.

But the real power of the AirTag is the Find My network. If your item is out of Bluetooth range of your devices, the Find My network steps in. The network is made up of hundreds of millions of encrypted, and anonymous Apple devices that can help find your AirTag and item.

With the ubiquity and sheer number of Apple devices, that makes the AirTag much more than just a local tracker. Thanks to the Find My app, you can see where your AirTag is anywhere in the world. And even if your AirTag is completely out of range, you can select to receive a notification when it is detected by the Find My network or your device.

The results of the Find My network are definitely impressive. As you can see in this video, it’s possible to track an AirTag as it’s sent around the world. So there’s a pretty good chance you can track down your keys

If you’re interested, take a look at our primer on the Find My network and why it’s so exciting. It’s easily one of the best reasons to purchase an AirTag.

2. Ultra Wide Band Technology Provides Precise Location

And if you have any iPhone 11 model or later, special technology makes finding your AirTag even easier. Those iPhone models feature the U1 chip with Ultra Wide Band technology just like the AirTag.

That combination unlocks what Apple calls Precision Finding. In practice, that makes finding the AirTag and lost item a lot easier when you’re in Bluetooth range. You’ll open the Find My app and then choose the Find button. Once the AirTag’s signal is located, you’ll receive detailed instructions on exactly how far the tracker is. You’ll see detailed distance and direction data. Use that information to get closer to the AirTag.

When close, you can play a sound to help find the AirTag and even turn on the Flashlight to look in dark locations.

3. User-Replaceable Battery

With normal use, the AirTag’s battery can provide around a year of use. And when the battery is depleted, there’s no reason to worry. All you need is a replacement CR2032 coin cell battery. The battery is common and widely available to purchase. Just make sure to purchase a battery without a bitterant coating. That might cause issues with the AirTag.

The process to change the AirTag battery is quick and easy and you’ll be back to tracking in just a few minutes. Some other item trackers on the market don’t offer a user-replaceable battery and have to be sent in for recycling or for a battery change. Being able to replace the battery yourself makes the AirTag even more user friendly.

4. Tons of Accessories to Unlock More Potential

Thanks to the popularity of AirTags, accessory makers have stepped up to the plate, just like with other Apple devices. They are offering a huge number of other accessories to complement the item tracker.

There are a wide variety of different cases on the market that can add style, and more usefulness, to the AirTag. With some different cases, you can add an AirTag to your glasses, Apple TV remote, camera equipment, luggage, and much more. Some case options are even completely waterproof, opening up even more possibilities for the AirTag.

Apple also offers some of its own accessories for the AirTag.

5. Competitively Priced With Other Options

When you think of Apple products, you probably go right to the price tag. Most Apple products are premium products with a premium price. But that’s really not the case with the AirTag. A single AirTag is $29. If you want to save some cash, a four-pack of trackers is $99, making them less than $25 each.

Comparing the AirTag price to other big names on the market like Tile and Chipolo, Apple’s device is definitely competitive. The Tile Mate and Chipolo One are around $25 each. And neither of those offer the wide Find My network. And the Tile option doesn’t offer a user-replaceable battery.

The only real downside of the AirTag, when comparing, is that those other two trackers have a built-in hole for a keyring. So that might save you some cash if you only want to use it for a keyring.

6. Can Be Used to Track More Than Just Your Keys

Item trackers are a popular way to track something we all seem to lose from time to time—our keys. But the AirTag can be used to track a wide variety of different objects.

With the combination of the powerful Find My network and the ingenuity of accessory makers, you track things you probably haven’t thought about, and not just items.

One of the most unique ways for using AirTags is to keep track of pets. While Apple doesn’t advise the tracker as a way to find a lost dog or cat, it’s a low-cost option that makes sense in some situations. Before taking that step, read out primer that takes a closer look at whether you should put an AirTag on your pet’s collar.

7. Tracking Information Available on Most Apple Devices

While the iPhone is the best way to track the location on your AirTags, Apple also makes it possible to track your items on other devices. The Find My app is natively available on the Mac and iPad. And even on your Apple Watch, you can find AirTags using the Find Items app.

As you can see, if you’re already in the Apple ecosystem and need to keep track of almost anything, the AirTag should easily be on the top of your list.

Along with the huge Find My network, the AirTags offer a number of other great features that make it an easy purchase.

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