7 Productivity Apps For Your Mac-Based Home Office

As far back as anyone can remember, people have been buying Macs to power their workflows. Whether you are a student who needs to jot down notes and catch up on lectures, or a digital designer creating art for businesses, Macs have been the go-to choice for getting things done.

However, Apple hasn’t earned this reputation solely on its own. A good bit of the credit also goes to the excellent ecosystem of apps available for Mac users. If you want to stay on top of your workflow, you should use some of these productivity apps for the Mac.

7. TickTick

No office (home or otherwise) is complete without a task management app, that helps you systematically eliminate items on your to-do list and track your work progress. TickTick is, by far, the best and most simple app that you can use for managing your tasks, because of the critical set of features it has.

For example, TickTick features a priority-based listing model, where you can assign four different levels of priority based on how urgent it is. The app will then list the most important tasks at the top, so that you can do them in the planned order. Then, it also offers a Pomodoro timer, which helps you focus on different tasks for periods of your choice.

There are other features like folders (where you can nest different types of tasks), task scheduling, task repetition, Eisenhower Matrix, calendar view, and a “Won’t Do” list, which make TickTick the most user-focused app for task management.

The cherry on top is that most of the features discussed above are free to use. However, for unlimited tasks and subtasks, you may have to purchase the premium version.

Download: TickTick (Free, subscription available)

6. Brain.fm

Brain.fm is an interesting app that helps you manage your mental state. The app helps users focus, relax, or sleep, depending on the situation, by using music that incorporates rhythmic pulses.

The app uses unique music that can guide your brain to zero in on what you’re doing. It is similar to Binaural Beats in many ways. You can pick between three kinds of sessions: Focus, Relax, and Sleep, and the app will then find the right music for the session and start playing it.

The effects start to kick in after five minutes. It also consists of a timer function, turning this app into an interesting Pomodoro tool. Brain.fm uses a subscription model that comes with a free trial.

Download: Brain.fm (Free trial, subscription available)

5. Superhuman

Superhuman’s goal is to be the fastest email experience ever made. This app is more than just another email client. It connects to your email account and works like a front-end experience for your inbox.

The UI and UX make this app stand out from other email apps. They encourage fast interaction through the use of shortcuts, keeping emails short and sweet. It’s an app that makes combing through your inbox efficient and intuitive.

There is an onboarding process where a representative guides you through all the app’s features. Those features include split inboxes, different tabs for various situations, schedule follow-up, and social data of whoever you email.

Unfortunately, Superhuman comes with a monthly subscription with no option for a free trial, unlike the other apps in this list.

Download: Superhuman (Subscription only)

4. Freedom

Notifications can be a productivity killer, and they end up taking you out of that focus zone. Freedom helps you tackle this problem by blocking apps and websites that distract you from your work.

Create custom blocklists and schedule focus sessions for yourself. For example, if you want to read in the morning and avoid social media, simply disable notifications for all social media apps using this app.

This time-blocking app is great for people trying to reduce screen time. Furthermore, each block session syncs across all the devices where you have the app Installed. The app is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS. However, this is a subscription-based app that comes with a free trial.

Download: Freedom (Free trial, subscription available)

3. Toggl Track

Toggl is a time-tracking tool for small and large teams. It helps you and your team to set hours, track time, and report back on pending tasks. This is great for freelancers, allowing them to manage incoming work from different clients.

Basic functionality includes timers for tasks that revolve around a certain project. You can track how much work is being done on a specific task. It also allows you to gauge the time involved in completing tasks.

Assign tasks to employees, and allocate separate timers to different clients. This helps you see what projects and tasks are being worked on. You can use this app to bill their time, allowing them to calculate income on an hourly basis.

Download: Toggl (Free, subscription available)

2. Slack

Slack is the sleeker and more intuitive counterpart to Microsoft Teams. The app enables team communication and collaboration. Onboarding your team members onto this platform will enable you to streamline your business effectively.

Slack alleviates the discomfort some employees feel from meetings and task management. A unique feature of this app is the inclusion of channels. Different channels can be set up for different teams, making your communications productive.

Reply in threads, save important information, and set availability according to your work hours. You can stay on top of a project by tracking progress and checking what tasks are being performed by your team members.

For medium to large businesses, check out Slack’s pricing plan.

Download: Slack (Free, subscription available)

1. Notion

Notion is a cloud-based app that combines project management features with organizational features. Thanks to its versatility and advanced features, it deserves to be on the top of our list.

This powerful tool can become a journal, note-taking app, task scheduler, and more. The unique factor of this app is that it can perform all these tasks simultaneously. It works incredibly well as a versatile project management system.

Stay on top of things, whether working on a personal project or something bigger with a team behind it. You can suggest new ideas, keep track of them by taking notes, and schedule or assign tasks when needed.

This application has a Wiki-like feel, as you can create new pages for projects and link them together. With free Notion templates, you can also customize the overall look of Notion.

Download: Notion (Free, subscription available)

Build a Strong Work Ethic With These Productivity Apps

Building a strong work ethic is important in this time of digital workspaces and working from home. More people are going the freelance and digital work route than ever before.

It is crucial to have the right tools, so you can get things done without getting overwhelmed. Finding great productivity apps for Mac is a great way to do so.

However, don’t forget that the benefits multiply when you optimize your iPhone for productivity as well.

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