7 New Features Coming to Google Apps and Services

When thinking of Google, most of us picture the Google Search box, but the way we search for things in real life is not limited to text but also includes voice, image, and ambient sound.

At the Google Search On 2022 event, the company announced seven key ways it is improving the search experience and making it more intuitive and helpful. Let’s check them out.

1. Add Text Query to Images With Multisearch

When searching for something in real life, you may show an image to someone and add more context to it later. That’s exactly what Google’s new Multisearch feature allows you to do, as was first demonstrated at the Google I/O 2022 event.

With Multisearch, you can add a text query on top of an image search. For instance, you can add “vegan” as a text query after clicking a shot of a dish to get search results about vegan variants of that dish.

2. Add Topical Filters to Search Results

Google is also introducing search filters you can add to text queries for faster and more fluid searches. For instance, if you’re searching “best places in Italy,” you may find filter bubbles such as “for couples,” “to live,” “for families,” “in December”, and more.

You can also add topical filters to dig deeper into your search to see relevant images, videos, maps, news, and more.

3. Blend Translated Text in Saved Photos

If you have an image on your phone that has text from a language you don’t understand, you can use Google Lens to translate it and re-inscribe the translated text back onto the image without making it look processed.

Achieving the same result in Photoshop would take a lot of time, but with Google Lens, anyone can do it instantly.

4. Google Maps Improvements

Google Maps is becoming a lot more helpful, thanks to three new features: Neighborhood Vibe, Immersive View, and Live View. With Neighborhood Vibe, you can zoom into different areas on the map and see what’s popular to quickly get an idea of whether it’s worth a visit.

With Immersive View, you can see a 3D rendered aerial view of a place, check its real-time traffic conditions, and see weather forecasts. You can even look at the inside of some establishments via what looks like a moving drone shot but is just a neural rendering of images. It’s also a great way to explore new cities on Google Maps.

Live View is an AR feature that aims to make Google Maps more accessible. With it, you can lift your phone and get details of the surrounding places overlaid on the real world—sort of like wearing smart augmented reality (AR) glasses from the future.

Google is also making it easier for you to find your favorite outfits and foods and inspect products online. When searching for a food item, you’ll see nearby restaurants that serve it along with prices, ratings, ingredients used, and whether it matches your dietary preferences, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more.

When browsing apparel, the new Shop the look feature will suggest you items that pair well with your selection. You can also inspect products in a more immersive way via automated 360-degree spins—similar to how you do so in real life.

6. Get Fuel-Efficient Routes Based on Your Engine Type

Last year, Google Maps introduced eco-friendly routing—a way to reduce your carbon emissions by taking routes that are the most fuel-efficient, if not always the fastest.

Now, you can see the most fuel-efficient routes based on the engine type of your vehicle (hybrid, electric, diesel, or gas) to maximize its efficiency. And if you’re in the market to buy a new car, you’ll also be able to see its annual fuel costs and emission estimates.

7. Remove Results About You From the Web

A small yet important feature Google is rolling out is Results about you. With it, you’ll be able to request the removal of search results on Google that contain your private information—such as your phone number, email, and home address.

If you’re concerned about data or security, you will find this feature incredibly helpful.

Google Apps Are Becoming Even More Helpful

Google demonstrated a bunch of new features at the Search On 2022 event, some of which are improvements to existing features, while others are still in the works and will be available soon.

New features come first to the US; for those who live elsewhere, you might have to wait until they’re available in your region.

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