7 Mobile Apps to Help You Find Delicious Grilling Recipes

Grilling is not only fun and delicious, but it can be healthy too. Vegetables also cook fast and remain full of vitamins and minerals.

When you can’t grill outside, or it’s not available to you, there are even tons of options when it comes to electric indoor grills or smart grills. Moreover, you can sizzle your food on a griddle or grill pan. Are you lacking when it comes to grilling recipes? Grab your tongs because these apps can help you make mouthwatering grilled meals.

1. Barbecue Grill Recipes

The Barbecue Grill Recipes app features a massive library of endless grill recipes. You’ll be spoiled for choice, whether you’re cooking on a smart grill or a regular grill. Plus, all the recipes are all conveniently categorized, so finding something is pretty easy. Select between groups like BBQ treats, chicken, sauce, beef, salmon, or even vegetarian grill recipes. Tap the heart icon to add your favorite recipes to a separate list where you can find them later.

Additionally, tap each item on the ingredients list to add it to your personal shopping list included in the app. You can even add extra ingredients that you might need that are not included in the recipes. Another excellent feature of the app is the recipe finder. Here, you can find recipes based on what ingredients you have lying around the kitchen.

Download: Barbecue Grill Recipes for Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Hey Grill Hey

If you want to really level up your grilling game using your phone, Hey Grill Hey is truly the app for you. The app consists of a plethora of grilling and smoking recipes which you can search for by category, recipe name, or ingredients. The app has a handy built-in shopping list which is essential if you don’t want to forget any ingredients while you’re at the grocery store.

You can tick off ingredients as you buy them or share the list with your partner if they’re the one who does the shopping. Additionally, you can navigate to the Hey Grill Hey online store to purchase grilling products such as sauces, rubs, seasoning kits, BBQ tools, and apparel.

Download: Hey Grill Hey for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

3. Barbecue Recipes

The Barbecue Recipes mobile app is your perfect companion if you struggle to come up with new and fresh recipe ideas. With tons of choices, from steaks and veggies to everything in between, you can grill up the ultimate feast. The app even has a festive collection of recipes that are perfect for the holiday season.

The app is straightforward to use, too. Just pick your cooking level, goals, and preferences, and the app gives you recipes based on your selections. To narrow down your search for something specific, use the search function or filter through recipes according to the cuisine, course, or ingredient. Besides tons and tons of grilling recipes, the app also has various eating plans for weight loss, pregnancy, and so on.

Download: Barbecue Recipes for Android (Free, subscription available)

4. BBQ Grilling Recipes

The BBQ Grilling Recipes app is full of low-carb recipes to help you cook healthy food using a grill. The app is easy to navigate, with tabs to save your favorite recipes and shopping list. Moreover, you can save any recipe to your recipes list—where you can schedule a time to prepare it and the app will notify you.

Along with the low-carb options, the app also has collections of high protein, low fat, high fiber, and low-calorie grilling recipes. Once you find a recipe you like, you can view the nutritional facts and then scroll down to view a couple of recipe suggestions that you might like.

Download: BBQ Grilling Recipes for Android (Free)

5. Tasty

Tasty is a well-known app where you can find a recipe for just about anything, including grilling recipes! The app gives you the option to search by recipe difficulty, meal, occasion, diet, cuisine, and cooking style. You can use multiple filters to find something, for instance, easy grill recipes under one hour or dessert grill recipes.

An excellent feature of the app is the tips and photos that people who’ve made the recipes can share. Alternatively, tap I made this! and add your own helpful comments or photos. All the recipes also feature a step-by-step cooking mode that ensures your phone screen remains on while you cook.

Download: Tasty for iOS | Android (Free)

6. BBQ and Grill Recipes

BBQ and Grill Recipes might be simple, but it’s a great cooking app for beginners—and it works for those who want to keep their grilling uncomplicated. There aren’t a lot of recipes to choose from, but the ones available are delicious and easy to prepare. To find a recipe, scroll through the options or use the search bar.

Seafood lovers are sure to enjoy the various seafood options, like grilled scallops, octopus, and mackerel. On the other hand, if you’d prefer sweet treats, there are recipes for grilled s’mores and bananas with caramel sauce. Furthermore, the app has a helpful cooking conversion chart as well as a favorites list, so you never lose a recipe you love.

Download: BBQ and Grill Recipes for Android (Free)

7. BBQ Chicken Recipes

Possibly the best type of meat to put on a grill is chicken. Plus, chicken can be a lot healthier than other meats, like red meat. To find new and interesting ways to prepare chicken on the grill, use the BBQ Chicken Recipes app. The app features various recipe categories to browse through, like chicken wings, chicken salad, whole chicken, and so on.

Each recipe includes the serving size, calories, time, nutritional information, and a list of ingredients. To add the ingredients to the app’s included shopping list, tap all of them or only the items you need to buy. Once added, you can pull out the app when you are grocery shopping and check off the items as you shop.

Download: BBQ Chicken Recipes for Android (Free)

Download These Apps for Healthy and Wholesome Grilled Meals

From succulent steaks and classic burgers to campfire s’mores and fruit skewers, there is genuinely nothing you can’t put on a grill. And besides being an enjoyable activity, grilling is a healthier way to cook your food.

However, be sure to opt for lean protein and veggies to make your grilled dinner even healthier! If your grilling recipes are running low and starting to turn stale, these mobile apps offer delicious inspiration.

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