7 Features That Make RemNote the Perfect App for Students

RemNote is a powerful note-taking application designed for learning. With its several built-in features aimed at students, connecting your ideas and boosting your memory performance has never been easier.

When dealing with lots of work, having the necessary tools available is key to eliminating wasted time, so you can maximize your time learning. Here are some of the best features in RemNote to supercharge your productivity as a student.

1. Use Today’s Note as a Daily Calendar

The Today’s Note feature in RemNote is a helpful tool that can be used as a daily calendar to plan your studies and keep track of priorities.

To create a daily document, you can either navigate to the Today’s Note tab or use the keyboard shortcut Alt + D. You can easily switch and view previous days using the dropdown calendar tool shown below:

Having access to dedicated daily notes helps you maintain a daily log for managing tasks, planning study sessions, and tracking progress on class projects. It can also be a useful journaling space to help widen your perspective after days of intense note-taking.

2. Structure Your Notes With Rem

RemNote’s concise bullet-based editor is perfect for taking notes fast. Bullets are referred to as “Rem”, which each act as a node that you can easily zoom in and out from, giving your notes a structured hierarchy.

To zoom into a node or Rem, simply click on any bullet. Text can be indented with the Tab key to create an infinitely nested structure for your notes. To hide and show all descendants of a Rem, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Down/Up Arrow with your cursor on the desired Rem.

Parent-Child System in RemNotes Bullet Editor

With this nested hierarchy of notes, you can easily distinguish concept headings from their descriptions and organize your notes as you learn. Hiding nested Rem is particularly useful for testing your memory and quizzing yourself.

3. Use Flashcards to Test Your Knowledge

Flashcards are a built-in feature in RemNote to test your knowledge of your notes’ content. There are several types of flashcards, covering Basic cards, Concept cards, and Descriptor cards. Each requires a prompt (for the front of the card) and an answer (for the reverse), functioning similarly to popular flash card apps for Android.

One unique card best for learning steps to a process (whether in biology, math, or similar subjects) is the Cloze card. This is essentially a fill-in-the-blank card where you can omit part of a Rem from view.

  • To create a Cloze card, type followed by the content to hide, then use to close the card.

Cloze cards are great for utilizing active recall learning—a powerful memory technique that relies on testing your understanding rather than passively reading through your notes.

4. Edit Multiple Documents at Once

Editing multiple documents at once puts you at a great advantage productivity-wise, especially when deadlines are approaching. While essential, this is not always seen in larger note-taking applications. Thankfully, multitasking is made easy with RemNote’s multiple panes functionality, where you can view several documents in the same window.

To open Rem in a new pane, hold Shift and click the relevant bullet or document icon. You can also open Rem outside your current working document using Ctrl + P to open the search tool, then press Shift + left-click on the desired document.

Open External Rem in New Pane in RemNote

With real-time editing and no limit on the number of panes, you can open in one window, connecting your thoughts and ideas has never been simpler. You can also transfer Rem between panes by clicking and dragging bullets.

An efficient search tool is a bonus for any application. But RemNote takes this one step further with its hierarchical search tool, allowing you to filter through Rem in a parent-child system, similar to that seen in your local file explorer.

This feature is useful for finding specific ideas when you’re unsure of their location. To use the hierarchical search tool:

  1. Use Ctrl + P to open the search tool.
  2. Begin typing the name of a folder to make the source of your search.
    Using Hierarchical Search in RemNote 1

  3. Highlight the folder using your arrow keys and hit Tab.
  4. Now enter a phrase to search across all Rem in that folder, or use Tab or Shift + Tab to navigate back and forth through the folders in your Knowledge Base.
    Using Hierarchical Search in RemNote 2

This feature is most helpful if you have notes on concepts spread across multiple folders. With the Tab and Shift + Tab navigation tool as you search, you’ll gain instant access to your ideas.

6. View Your Notes Through Portals

Portals are a unique editing feature of RemNote, allowing you to peek at other notes while working on a current document without clicking away. You can even edit the content inside portals that update the documents in real-time.

To insert a portal into a document, type two parentheses (( to open the portal search box. Here you can type the name of an existing Rem or document to add as a portal. Portals are outlined in a blue box to help you distinguish their contents from the document’s overall content.

As an example, here’s a portal to the document titled “The Urlinie” inserted underneath the header “Revision”:

Inserting Portals in RemNote

7. Boost Your Productivity With Custom Hotkeys

If you’re going to commit to using a note-taking app long-term as a student, acquiring effective keyboard shortcuts is key to maximum productivity. RemNote provides an array of shortcuts for editing Rem, changing the interface, and navigating around your Knowledge Base.

What’s more, you can customize most of these shortcuts. Just head to Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and click the small keyboard icon next to any eligible shortcut to change it.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in RemNote

RemNote Is the Perfect Application for Learning Faster and Smarter

If you’re dealing with an overflow of notes, RemNote provides the tools to organize your notes sufficiently. With unlimited notes included in the free plan, you can enjoy limitless growth in your knowledge to ace your exams.

Try RemNote today to transform your learning experience and make the best use of your time as a student.

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