6 of the Best Smart Gadgets to Bring Couples Closer Together

Because life is so busy and sometimes chaotic, it’s easy to feel like you’ve grown apart from your partner. It’s completely normal to feel distant, especially if you’ve been together for years and years.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reconnect and build your bond to be closer. You might simply need a little help from some smart gadgets, though!

Whether you’ve been together for six months, five years, or two decades, give these smart gadgets a go. They are an effective, super fun, and smart way for couples to grow a little closer.


Communication is key in any relationship. It’s about expressing yourself as well as listening to your partner. Sometimes, however, couples need a little nudge with their communication. The Lovebox is a simple yet smart way to communicate with your loved one and make your relationship more fun.

This little gadget is here to level up the way couples send love notes and make it a unique experience. However, the Lovebox can do much more than that. Connect to the companion app, and you can use it to send not only love notes, but photos, messages, drawings, and stickers.

When a message arrives, the red heart on the Lovebox spins until you open the message and read it. To let your partner know you’ve received the message, spin the heart by hand and send back some love.

Besides the Lovebox for Lovers, which is designed for a romantic relationship, there are other options. Some of them include the Lovebox for Parents, Lovebox for Grandparents, and Lovebox for Kids.

Sometimes, a simple touch is all you need to feel closer and more connected to your partner. The Totwoo Smart Bracelets vibrate and light up so that couples know they’re thinking of each other. To use your bracelet and customize it to suit you, you need to download the app.

On the app, you can set different color codes, change vibration intensities, and store secret messages. In addition, the Totwoo Smart Bracelet lights up when you get calls from loved ones or on special dates.

Besides its smart features, the Totwoo Smart Bracelets are beautifully designed and look unlike any other smart wearable device. There are various stunning matching styles to choose from, like the sun and moon and mountain and sea.

Additionally, Totwoo offers a collection of other aesthetically pleasing smart jewelry, such as smart necklaces, rings, and accessories.

Listening to the heartbeat of a loved one can help you feel calmer. The HB Ring is the perfect smart gadget if you want to feel the calming effect of your partner’s heartbeat in real time, but can’t be with them in person.

No matter if you’re in a long-distance relationship or only apart for a few hours, the HB Ring is an effective way of making you feel closer together. Plus, The smart ring is super simple to use.

To begin, download the app, connect your ring with your partner’s ring, and then with a quick double tap, you can feel and see their heartbeat. A cool feature is that if your partner’s ring is inactive, the ring plays your partner’s last heartbeat, which you can then listen to whenever you like.

Looking to tie the knot with your partner? The HB Ring even comes in 18K solid gold, which can work as a luxuriously smart wedding band.

As previously mentioned, the sound of your partner’s heartbeat can have a calming effect on you. Plus, listening to their heartbeat while you sleep could be something you really miss when you’re in a long-distance relationship or simply spending a few nights apart.

Pillow Talk is a smart gadget that can keep your long-distance relationship alive. It uses simple tech, a wristband, and a speaker to allow you to hear your loved one’s heartbeat instantaneously. Like the HB Ring, Pillow Talk uses a built-in sensor to pick up your heartbeat and then send it directly to your partner’s speaker.

The Pillow Talk works by giving each partner a wristband with a heartbeat sensor and a small speaker with a removable top. To get the very best experience, it’s recommended that you place the speaker under your pillow. Moreover, the smart gadget is available in red and blue, so you can pick matching colors or a different color each.

Like Totwoo, Bond Touch has created amazing smart couple bracelets that allow you to connect with your partner using a simple tap. So, if you’re going to spend a couple of days apart—or you’re actively maintaining a long-distance relationship—Bond Touch is an ideal way to stay in touch.

To use Bond Touch, connect your bracelet to the companion app and then to your partner. The Bond Touch app has plenty of key features, such as touch color customization, connection status, location sharing, messaging, and lots more.

What makes Bond Touch special is the way it can strengthen your relationship. It gives you the unique ability to create secret messages and codes with your partner, which are made up of a combination of up to 10 touches.

Along with being an excellent smart gadget for your significant other, Bond Touch works well with anyone you love. For instance, your best friend, parents, or siblings.

There are many ways to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them. You could send them a message or give them a call, but that’s all been done before! Now you can let your loved one know that they’re on your mind using Friendship Lamps.

These smart lamps are effortless to use; merely tap your lamp, and your partner’s lamp lights up. The Friendship Lamp has several customization options on the corresponding LuvLink app. Download the app, and you can change the lamp’s colors, adjust the brightness, manage dimming time, and set a sleep timer.

You can even change and assign different colors to different messages. For example, blue means “I’m feeling down” and pink means “I miss you.” Additionally, LuvLink features another connected lamp called the Infinity Lamp. This lamp can send light as well as messages with your actual voice.

Smart Gadgets to Keep Your Bond Strong and Closer Than Ever Before

In a relationship, there are bound to be plenty of ups and downs. And it is certainly tough to constantly maintain your relationship as a couple. Sometimes all you need is a little help to show your loved one how much you truly care.

If you want to use the power of technology to build a stronger relationship, these are the smart gadgets for you. Give them a try, and your relationship can flourish and begin to thrive!

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