5 Things to Know About the Rolls-Royce Spectre—Its First EV

Luxury buyers are already ordering the Spectre, Rolls-Royce’s first EV, starting at an eye-watching, wallet-busting $413K.

Find out why this hyper-luxury EV coupé will turn heads and heralds a new future for one of the oldest and most respected auto companies.

1. The Spectre Is the Fulfillment of a 123-Year-Old Prophesy

Henry Rolls was ahead of his time in 1900 when he predicted that electric propulsion would be the future of automobiles.

Rolls-Royce recounts their electrical engineer founder’s prescience:

The electric car is perfectly noiseless and clean. There is no smell or vibration, and they should become very useful when fixed charging stations can be arranged. But for now, I do not anticipate that they will be very serviceable – at least for many years to come.

His dream has been fulfilled in the Spectre. Though Rolls-Royce doesn’t have its own fixed charging stations like Tesla, the Spectre’s time has come, with vehicles expected to reach customers in late 2023.

2. The Spectre Is Longer Than an Escalade—and Heavier

The Spectre has a definitive presence, measuring almost 18 feet long and seven feet across. Its glowing grill is the widest of any Rolls-Royce. And if you’re researching the safest EVs, the Spectre will likely be on the list due to its massive weight: 6,559 pounds.

3. The Spectre Has Stars—Lots of Stars!

The Spectre boasts delightful features such as Rolls-Royce’s famous Starlight option. Instead of only illuminating the headliner, the Spectre is the first production Rolls that also has twinkling lights on the doors.

How many more stars will you get? 4,796! (Fun fact: the stars mimic the night sky at the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood, UK).

Rolls-Royce Spectre Interior
Image Credit: Rolls-Royce

If you’re feeling jealous, you can accomplish something similar with ample chutzpah, a drill, and this CHINLY 16W aftermarket fiber optic light kit.

4. Some Critics Aren’t Impressed With Rolls Royce Spectre EV Specs

Based on preliminary data, it’s estimated that the Spectre’s range will be around 320 miles. Though it’s unlikely that those with the funds to purchase the Spectre will take it on a road trip, this pales in comparison to the longest-range EVs you can buy. However, given the Spectre is meant to provide an opulent, quiet, and powerful (577 horse) ride, it’s unlikely Rolls-Royce buyers will be deterred.

The Spectre achieves 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and features an AI assistant named Eleanor to helps its owners locate the nearest charging station or best sushi.

The market for hyper-luxury EVs is in its infancy but growing. Cadillac announced the pre-production details of its $300K Celestiq EV in October of 2022.

Offering a medley of world-class customization options in the Rolls-Royce visualizer tool, the Spectre is clearly geared toward high-end EV buyers who wish to control every detail. For example, in addition to the usual color and wheel configurations, you can select the hood ornament, the famous Spirit of Ecstasy, in an illuminated version. Why not? It’s only money; you’ll make more.

Rolls Royce Spectre Spirit of Ecstasy Illumination Option
Image Credit: Rolls-Royce

The Future of Rolls-Royce

The Spectre may be Rolls-Royce’s first EV, but it won’t be the last; the brand seeks to go fully electric by 2030. Rolls-Royce is also working on an autonomous concept car called the103EX, an EV that will seat two that the company says will be at unique as your fingerprint.

What the Spectre Means For the 99%

No longer just the vision of one of its founders, the Rolls-Royce Spectre is an impressive and pricey hand-made EV. Most of us will be lucky to see one, never mind entertain ownership concerns. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not an important vehicle in the step toward mass electrification.

Because Rolls-Royce is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMW, it’s possible that some of its technology and customization features will trickle down into affordable mass-market EVs. We can wish upon a star.

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